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  • Provost's Teaching Excellence Award


    These awards are an opportunity for UW-L  students  to nominate individuals for a teaching excellence award. It is designed to recognize and celebrate an instance of excellent teaching by the nominee or nominees.

    Up to 6 awards are to be made each year across the University. The Provost will present successful individuals with a plaque in recognition of their excellent academic practice.


    Nominations will be open through the end of March. Any student may submit a nomination. Each student may nominate more than one person, but each nomination should be submitted separately.

    Evaluation and Award Process

    Department Chairs will receive the student submissions and endorse the nominations. The Dean of each college will collect the endorsements and forward a list of up to 6 nominations to the Provost's Office. College nominations will be considered by a selection panel which will include members of the Provost's office, the Director of the Center for Advancing Teaching & Learning, a student representative, and others.

    • TE 2014 Sara DM
      2014 recipient
      Sara Docan-Morgan

    • TE 2014 Jeff B
      2014 recipient
      Jeff Bryan
    • TE 2014 Jörg V
      2014 recipient
      Jörg Vianden
    • TE 2014 Greg S
      2014 recipient
      Greg Sandland
    • TE 2014 Scott D
      2014 recipient
      Scott Doberstein
    • TE 2014 Sam C
      2014 recipient
      Sam Cocks
    • TE 2013 Robert A
      2013 recipient
      Robert Allen
    • TE 2013 Suzanne A
      2013 recipient
      Suzanne Anglehart
    • TE 2013 Nick B
      2013 recipient
      Nick Bakken
    • TE 2013 Curtis C
      2013 recipient
      Curtis Czerwinski
    • TE 2013 VivekP
      2013 recipient
      Vivek Pande
    • TE 2013 Kelly S
      2013 recipient
      Kelly Sultzbach