Academic Staff Council - February 9, 2009

Meeting called to order at 3:08pm.

Present: Heyer, Van Roosenbeek, Kolkmeier, Vahala, Leahy, Dodge, Sasaki, Lo, Bean-Thompson, Heyer
Excused: Burton, Robinson,

I. Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve minutes from the last two meetings: First, Kolkmeier, Second, Bean-Thompson.             APPROVED.

II. Comments on Last Meeting

-would like to invite the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor back after spring break

III. Upcoming Meetings

-          Jennifer and Joy from Human Resources will be guest speakers at the next meeting

-          Chancellor Gow will be coming to a meeting in April

-          Chair Van Roosenbeek will invite Joe Heim to an upcoming meeting

IV. System Representative

The Academic Staff Representatives came up with a letter to President Reilly about UPG 3.05, which relates to contract length. It is still in draft form. The group meets again in two weeks.

V. Pay Plan

Motion: Until the Pay Plan raise exceeds annual inflation/cost of living increase, we ask the Chancellor to give the entire raise across the board. First, Leahy, Second, Vahala.           APPROVED.

Meeting adjourned at 4:22pm.