Academic Staff Council Minutes - March 23, 2009

Called to order at 3:06pm.

Present: Dodge, Leahy, Burton, Kolkmeier, Van Roosenbeek, Sasaki, Bean-Thompson, Lo.
Excused: Robinson, Heyer, Vahala

I. Minutes

Motion to approve, First, Burton. Second, Sasaki.           APPROVED.

II. Decoupling

The resolution was approved and forwarded on to the appropriate people.  Leahy suggested that the Academic Staff Council also forward the resolution to the Legislature’s Joint Budget Committee.  Van Roosenbeek met with Cyndi Taylor, a union representative, who shared a list of UW-L staff and the union they would join.  However, the list is not up to date nor is it complete. 

III. System Representative

Leahy forwarded a letter to the group that was sent to President Reilly by the System Representatives group about UPG 3.05.   The Council decided to also forward the letter to Chancellor Gow, Vice Chancellor Hetzel, Provost Enz Finken, Vice Chancellor Knudson, Faculty Senate and Student Senate.  Motion to state that the Academic Staff Council also supports the stance taken in the letter, First, Sasaki, Second, Leahy. APPROVED.  

IV. Joint Planning and Budget

Van Roosenbeek distributed an ‘Auxiliary Assessment for Financial Aid and 1% Across-the-Board’ sheet which was the focus of the most recent JPB meeting. The second box, ‘Recommended Distribution for Auxiliary Assessment’ is how they decided to come up with the money UW-L has to give for financial aid.  The Council would like to send a resolution about this.  Leahy and Sasaki will draft a resolution and send it out to the rest of the Council. 

V. Elections 

There are five seats up for election.  The Council brainstormed people that may be interested. 

VI. Academic Staff Forum

We are accepting questions via email and people will also be able to submit them anonymously at the forum.  Encourage people to attend and submit questions.

VII. Morale Retreat

April 2 from 10:30am – 2:00pm. Sponsored by Campus Climate. 

VIII. Miscellaneous

Tickets are available for the International Banquet.  

The Mission Statement Drafts are out.  The results will come back the governance groups. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:04pm.