Minutes: October 13, 2008


Present: Robinson, Sasaki, Van Roosenbeek, Leahy, Vahala, Kolkmeier, Dodge, Heyer, Lo,

Excused: Burton, Bean-Thompson,

Guest: Kerrie Hoar


Meeting called to order at 1:18pm.


I. Introductions


II. Chapter 9: Academic Staff Rules

This was the last piece of work charged to the IAS committee by Faculty Senate.  They looked at titling, career progression and work load.  The last piece was to look at the language in the contracts, having a policy which reflects reality.  It currently states that after you have been here for 7 years you will receive a rolling horizon contract which does not happen.  They wanted to change the language to reflect the fact that instructional and non-instructional academic staff is represented by two different governance bodies.  All UW-L changes must be approved by the Board of Regents. Faculty Senate is also looking at making changes. 


In Chapter 10, they looked at the different types of contracts available.  We currently use a terminal contract.  There is also rolling horizon.  There is a third type of contract: renewable, in which you hire them and plan to continue hiring them. IAS is asking that those who are terminal (whose employment is planned to take place for a limited amount of time) get a terminal contract. The others would get a renewable contract.  It would still say that rehiring is not guaranteed.  If the Academic Staff Council would approve the wording, it would apply to both instructional and non-instructional academic staff. 


There are public universities in Wisconsin that still given rolling horizons and others that also do renewable contracts. 


Concern was expressed over use of instructional/non-instructional.  Hoar will go through the document to adjust the wording to fix the confusion.


III. ACE Fellow – Walter Zakahi will be visiting later this month.  Please try to make one of the visits.  They are October 22, 11:00am – 12:00pm in 325 Graff and October 23, 1:00pm-2:00pm in 327 Graff. 


IV. Minutes

Motion to approve, Robinson – Sasaki.                 APPROVED.


V. Joint Budget and Planning

The committee is working on GWA positions.  A round of hiring begins this fall.  They are looking at non-instructional.  Requests must be to division heads by October 16.  They will be hiring 9 positions including program assistants.  The Academic Building is on progress and they will be looking for bids starting in early 2009.  They are starting on plans for the new residence hall.  The stadium is 1 week ahead of schedule.  They are putting in a request for a face lift for Wittich. 


VI. System Representatives

 At the November Board of Regents, Al Crist will talk about pay plans for academic staff and showing how there is concerns that we are following behind.  If you have any information that would help with the presentation, please send that information on and Leahy will forward it on.  The next meeting is October 31 in Madison. 


Meeting adjourned at 2:38pm.