Minutes: October 22, 2002

Full Council Meeting
October 22, 2002
104 Wing Technology Center
3:03p.m. - 4:21p.m.

Present:   Goudie, Graumann, Reinert, Petersen, Wirkus, Torstveit, Walls, and Jacobson 

Excused:    Sweetman, Naber, Weiland 

I.                   Chair Wirkus called the meeting to order at 3:03 PM. 

II.                Minutes from October 1 Full Council meeting approved. 

III.             A dialogue was raised to discuss elements of the strategic plan draft, with Chris Bakkum, Mark Zellmer, and Jodie Wagner.  Alterations and expansions were discussed on various aspects of the plan draft, with many of the comments coming from written concerns by both the ASC and academic staff members on campus.  The ASC will follow up with a written summary and a marked copy of the plan draft. 

IV.              Jodie Wagner gave a presentation to go through the strategic planning process.  The committee is asking for comments and endorsements from the campus governance groups, because they want to make a plan that will continue to work and not sit on a shelf somewhere. 

V.                 Schott Rhode is the representative on the UW-System Compensation Advisory Committee.  The ASC needs to find an alternate for him to attend the meeting on the 25th.   

VI.              As long as the directors (Sue White and Joe Baker) are ok with this, the ASC feels that it doesn’t need to get involved in the HPERTE change.  However, the ASC would like to keep the lines of communication open in the future. 

VII.           UW System is ready for nominations for their Excellence Award.  The ASC will forward Nelda Manter’s name, although she will need to fill out a separate application for that award. 

VIII.        A joint meeting of Faculty Senate and ASC Bylaws committees is being set up to discuss IAS representation. 

IX.             Patricia Karpinsky and Tim Tritch have been recommended by the Search and Screen committee for the Associate Dean of SAH. 

X.                Bill Graumann shared notes from the last Academic Staff Rep Conference (17 Oct).  A legislative update had been given by David Miller, a professional development discussion took place, and an HR note discussing health insurance was included. 

XI.             Adjournment 

M/S/P to adjourn at 4:21 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA