Minutes: November 14, 2006

Present:  Van Roosenbeek, Heyer, Weiland, Karpinsky, Richter, Brunk, Jacobson

Absent:  Robinson, Veglahn

Guest:  Paula Knudson

Meeting began 3:04 p.m.

Approval of minutes – Heyer/Van Roosenbeek 

Growth & Access, Paula Knudson (guest speaker)

-Four teams are working on this and Paula is on team 4 along with Anita Evans, John Tillman & Matthew Lewis. They are working on how to gather enough information to make a decision.  Paula would like feedback from Academic Staff Council. 

     A draft of the Educational Infrastructure Survey is on-line.  The due date for the survey is December 22nd and the data will be analyzed over J-term.  Team 4 will come back to the governance groups later to share their recommendations on how we might move towards our goal of 1000 students, doubling the number of students of color, as well as what we might do if we don’t increase our enrollment. They will look at the current levels of staffing, office space needs, and funding sources and whether they should be going after resources down the road such as differential tuition, etc. Team 4 will also summarize information they receive from other administrators and bring that information back to the governance groups.

Wisconsin Growth Agenda

-The State continues to tell us we have to find ways to fund ourselves. Academic Staff Council committee agrees that UW-L has low funding per student as it is so we can’t continue without State support.

-We will keep our statement simple with “we support President Reilly’s Wisconsin Growth Agenda with additional funding from the state.”

AS Rep Report

-Deb Veglahn, absent

-Use of sick time has been a hot topic in the headlines and on radio on a daily basis.  There is legitimate concern that we may loose our sick time benefit. 

Committee Reports

-Salary and Personnel – no report

-Joint Planning and Budget – no report

-Bylaws – no report

Chair’s Report

-Professional Development Committee received 9 proposals. Some were funded fully and some only partially funded.  Three were IAS applications. It was decided this summer to continue to accept applications from IAS while we are in transition.  The concern is that we may loose or have funding decreased if we don’t include IAS.  Pat will check into this to find out where the funding comes from.  It was suggested IAS could tap into professional development funds for faculty as that pool of funds may be larger.  Pat will talk to Carmen Wilson on this and it will all need to be reevaluated for next year.


-Discussion about Dr. Gow’s inauguration.  Will indicated the Chancellor’s Search and Screen Committee has offered to plan the inauguration.

-Concern was expressed at keeping costs down.

-Academic Staff Council acknowledges a “thank you” to Kathy Kiefer and Willem Van Roosenbeek for their dedication and work on the Chancellor’s Search and Screen.  Faculty and staff alike are excited about Dr. Gow’s selection as our new Chancellor at UW-L. 

-A question was brought up whether there is a policy on IAS career development?  Since Academic Staff Council does not represent IAS that question needs to go to Faculty Senate for clarification.

Next Executive Committee Meeting:  December 11th ( changed from the December 4th date)

Next Full council Meeting: December 12th

-brief meeting followed by the holiday social at the Waterfront Restaurant (Logistic health building)

Meeting adjourned  4:18 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Sharie Brunk