Academic Staff Council

November 26, 2007

126 Wing

Full Council


Present: Van Roosenbeek, Brunk, Dodge, Leahy, Richter, Lo, Burton, Weiland, Vahala, Robinson, Heyer


Guests: Chris Bakkum, Karen Palmer McLean


Meeting called to order at 1:20 pm.


I. Introduction for Guests


II. Spousal/Partner Hire

The council was happy to see a proposal but had some general concerns, some of which have come from past experiences.  Palmer McLean gave a background as to why the proposed policy came up: other campus leaders shared that many faculty hires express interest in having their partner hired by the campus.  The Provost approved a group to come up with a policy which was based on existing policies at Madison and Milwaukee which have been very popular.  Want to prevent ‘secret deals’ from occurring.  In the past it seemed that certain high level positions resulted in the offering of a job to the spouse or partner.  Want to have the possibility of spouse/partner hire available to everyone.  This could be a possibility for non-instructional units to get in some quality employees that we may not have been able to hire otherwise.  If at any point the receiving unit says no, the placement will end.  The spousal/partner position cannot be a classified position.  Could active searches be closed for a spousal hire?  If there is a vacancy, you can get the credentials of the partners, interview and possibly hire them so it could be closed an active search.  The policy likely wouldn’t be used in all positions but the ones that are harder to fill.  The policy does not require approval to move forward. 


Council Discussion: Members still have concerns with the policy.  Concerns over closing an active search.  It does keep academic staff members informed of the process so that they will know how it should work.  Council members shared that it would be good to have a policy in place. 


Motion to reconsider: First, Leahy; Second, Lo.  Motion to support the policy.  APPROVED.


III. Approval of Minutes

Motion to approval: First, Richter; Second, Dodge.  APPROVED.


IV. Parental Notification

The policy leaves room for professional judgment in contacting parents as not all family relationships are positive.  The council would like the student to choose who they identify as ‘family’, who they would like to be contacted or contact themselves.  The Council has faith in the people that will be dealing with the students and believes they will make the best decision in the circumstance.  One Council member heard that some students are opposed to the policy.  Motion to approve the policy as is: First, Burton; Second, Dodge.  APPROVED.


V. Growth, Quality and Access

Board of Regents meeting is Thursday, December 6th.  Would like to have someone at the meeting in Madison.  One Regent has been told by a faculty member that there is opposition to the plan so would like someone there to combat that. Possible attendees: Richter, Robinson, Burton. 


VI. System Report

Looks like Regents will say that Colleague Coverage should not be used in place of Sick Leave.  Reps are encouraging those responsible to get the necessary paperwork put up online.  Faculty should still try to get coverage of a class they are missing.  Talked about having a group of people who the System could go to for input on System-wide for concerns when governance groups are not meeting. 


VII.  Committees

Salary and Personnel – Meeting again Dec 3rd.  Have already met 3 times.  Working on new staff orientation.  Joy Gutknecht is HR rep.


Professional Development – Co-chairs, Tim Walls, Kerrie Hoar and Carmen Wilson met to discuss IAS inclusion in PDG process.  Getting numbers from HR regarding NIAS and IAS.  AS get 27% of the professional developments funds from the state at UW-L and faculty receive 73%.   We need to find out where the monies for the Professional Development Grant come from: System or the Provost?

Professional Development has also been looking at differences between departments for professional development funding because of the overall funding for the department and how to encourage people in those departments to find other funding and where to look.


VIII. Other

-looking into when the Shared Governance time is for the Provost candidates.  The first interview is Friday.  One candidate – Paino – is out as he accepted a position at another university.  The committee will meet tomorrow to discuss whether they would like to interview a fourth candidate.


-Bob Hetzel will be attending the next Full Council meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 2:54pm.