Minutes: November 9, 2004


Present:       Veglahn, Jacobson, Reinert, Karpinsky, Van Roosenbeek,

                   Walls, Weiland

Excused:      Naber, Johnson-Sage, Liberman

Absent:        Herling, Torstvei

I.                   Call to order 3:10

II.      Committee Reports

 a.       Title Review: no report

b.      Budget and Planning: no report

c.     Professional Development

Tim Walls reported that there were three applications for professional development grants.  The committee will be meeting next week to review the applications.

d.     Search and Screen Updates

Advising Center:  two additional candidates were interviewed and a contract offer was extended to one of the candidates.

Campus Climate Coordinator: one name was forwarded

Enrollment Management: Interview are scheduled with 3 candidates

                    Dean of EESHR:  the committee will be meeting in December to review applications

III.               Questions for Chancellor Hastad’s visit to the ASC meeting on December 14, 2004

Discussion was held regarding formulation of questions for the Chancellor’s visit in December.  A list of possible questions will send these questions to Chancellor Hastad one week prior to the meeting.  Council members were advised to submit any other questions to Marcia as soon as possible.

IV.                Joe Heim from the Political Science department gave a presentation on the election results and it’s possible effect on the University System as well as UWL.  He also explained and discussed TABOR.  An update was given on

the pay package.  The Regents have forwarded a recommendation of a 5% increase in each of the next two years. 

of this, 3% would be catch up and 2% would be pay plan.  He also referred the Council to a new Regent

Document called Charting a New Course.  This document is available on their web site.

 V.                Announcements

a.      Executive Committee will meet December 7, 2004 at 7:45am

b.     Full council meeting December 14, 2004, a social will follow at the Eagle’s Nest

 VI.            Meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm 

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Karpinsky, Secretary