Minutes: December 14, 2004

Present:       Veglahn, Jacobson,  Karpinsky, Van Roosenbeek, Walls, Naber, Johnson-Sage, Herling, Tortsveit

Excused:           Weiland, Reinert

 Call to order 3:00


Title Review/Career Progression:  

Mary Tortsveit reported that the committee has continued to work on reviewing and streamlining the career progression process.  Step one will be determining the eligibility of applicants.  This year, as in previous years there were applicants for career progression that did not meet the eligibility requirement.

 Salary & Personnel:

Pat Karpinsky reported that the committee has met twice with Jennifer Wilson and will forward a letter of recommendations to the Academic Staff Council.

Professional Development:

Tim Walls reported that there were three applications for professional development grants and they were funded. 

UW System Academic Representatives: 

Lynn Weiland reviewed a resolution sent to the Governor supporting the proposed pay plan.

Parking Appeals :

Marcia reviewed a memo from John Davies

indicating changes being made in the committee bylaws to facilitate operation of the committee in a more timely manner.

By Laws and Election:                                                                          A memo from Chris Dodge was reviewed requesting council members to review the bylaws and make any recommendations for changes.  The committee will be meeting in early February 2005.  Please have any suggestions made before that meeting.

Chairs Report:

Marcia distributed a handout for discussion on the UW system Budget Reduction Exercise.  She also distributed a handout from Joe Heim on Concerns about Tabor – Talking points.  Lastly, she discussed the Survey from the Instructional Academic Staff Task Force.

III.               Ron Lostetter Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance      

presented on the pay plan proposal for fiscal years

2005-2007. The proposal is a 3% increase in base pay and a 2% merit pay plan request. 

He also discussed the UW system budget in general as well as information specific to UWL.   UWL was down 100 + students this year which has impacted the budget.  Targeted enrollment for fall 2005 has been increased.

IV.              Search and Screen Updates

Advising Center: The positions have been filled

Campus Climate Coordinator: is looking at Tier 2 Candidates.

Enrollment Management: the committee is meeting to make recommendations

Dean of EESHR:  the committee is reviewing the candidates

School of Education:  the committee is forming for Director, School of Education

New Business:

Leadership for next year was discussed.  A handout was given on the compensation policy for the ASC Chair.

A social will follow today’s meeting at the Eagle’s Nest

The meeting adjourned at 4:25 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Karpinsky, Secretary