Minutes: January 25, 2005

Present:       Veglahn, Jacobson, Reinert, Karpinsky, Johnson-Sage, Naber,

                   Walls, Weiland, Herling

 Excused:      Van Roosenbeek

Absent:        Torstveit

I.                  Call to order 3:01pm

II.      Approval of Minutes

III.           Council Discussion with Provost Elizabeth Hitch

                                                              i.      Among the topics discussed were:

1.     Search and Screen Committee Status

2.     Governor’s Budget

3.     UWL relations with WWTC concerning transfer students

4.     The quality of students who come here in the Spring semester

5.     ASC wants to have more communication on activities in the Provost’s office

IV.            Recommendation for Compensation Package

Moved by Jacobson Second by Walls, approved

The Board of Regents salary recommendation for 2005-2007 should be distributed equitably to academic staff with solid performance appraisals.

V.               Approval of Calendar of Events

VI.            Update of Search and Screens

VII.        Committee Reports

Salary and Personnel

     They have been meeting regularly and are putting together recommendations and action steps that will come to the Council in February. 

By-laws and Elections

     They will be meeting in two weeks to review any changes to the bylaws.  There will be a recommendation to update the organizational structure – eliminating departments that no longer exist, moving offices to their new, correct spot.

     The by-laws currently say that the Vice Chair is to serve on the Planning and Budget Committee, however what if the Vice Chair cannot make those meeting times?  The committee is considering eliminating the responsibility from the Vice Chair’s duties.


VIII.     Director’s Report

On February 9th there is a Legislative Reception at the Capital and Pat Karpinsky will be representing the Council.

Career Progression:  Three individuals filed grievances and the grievance committee will meet next week.  Amelia Dittman is the convener.

Marcia will extend an invitation for Al Thompson to come to a future meeting and discuss Plan 2008.

If anyone has suggestions for improving the website, please let Liz know.

In the spring elections, there will be four terms expiring: Weiland, Naber, Torstveit and Walls.

IX.            Meeting was adjourned at 4:26 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Peyer, Program Assistant