Minutes: February 11, 2003

Present: Wirkus, Naber, Graumann, Jacobson, Goudie, Reinert, Torstveit, Walls, Sweetman, and Weiland                  

Absent: Petersen 

  1. Call to order 3:02pm
  2. Approval of minutes M/S/P
    1. June Reinert recommended Gail Kettner, not Mary Torstveit
    2. #7: $290,100, not $290,000
  3. Roll Call
  4. The previous academic staff unclassified pay plan distribution must be reconsidered.  Wayne Jacobson recommended 2/3 for solid performance, including the Chancellor’s 10 percent, and 1/3 for merit.  M/S/P
  5. Comments were given to Chair Wirkus for the IRAS memo.  Suggestions should also be emailed to Chair Wirkus, and he will email a revised letter for a second review before sending it out to the IRAS.
  6. Chair Wirkus met with Jennifer Wilson about IRAS concerning the legalities of terminating IRAS.  The Chancellor can declare a fiscal emergency, during which time termination policies do not have to be followed for all academic staff, classified staff, and faculty without tenure.  The Consultative Layoff Committee will then meet with the Chancellor and give its reaction/input to his plan.  In order to terminate faculty with tenure, the Board of Regents must grant the status of fiscal emergency.  In the event of terminations, unemployment insurance can be filed for.
  7. The Council voted to accept the bylaws changes as proposed by Vice Chair Naber for the By-Laws Committee at the last meeting.  M/S/P. 
  8. Election forms are due back on February 26 
    1. Nomination forms need to be updated (change “Administrative Coalition” to “Colleges).  Copies of the forms should be on the ASC bulletin board, and electronic versions sent to Chair Wirkus.
    2. The Council looked over the databases for corrections.
  9. The IAS survey is being worked on.
  10. The Council edited the plan draft page-by-page.  Vice Chair Naber noted corrections for the committee.
    1. The ASC approves the presentation of the Strategic Plan with the proposed recommendations.  M/S/P.
  11. Adjournment
    1. 4:33PM


Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA