Minutes: February 11, 2008

Present: Brunk, Weiland, Van Roosenbeek, Richter, Dodge, Robinson, Lo, Leahy, Burton

Excused: Vahala

Guests: Desmond, Trapp

Meeting called to order at 1:17pm 

Stadium Project/New Academic Building

Mike Desmond and Al Trapp came to talk about both of the projects.  They distributed materials on the Centennial Campaign which includes the Sports Complex and the Academic Building as two of its six priorities.  On February 1, the Stadium received a one million dollar donation from Logistics Health and the total raised is $14.7 million currently.  For the Academic Building, roughly $1.1 million has been raised.  The other priorities of the Centennial Campaign are Undergraduate Research, Faculty/Staff Awards, Scholarships and the Annual Fund.  In total, over $18 million has been raised since the campaign began in July of 2005.  It will be a 7 year campaign ending in 2012. 

Academic Building

Distributed were a few pieces of literature on the building.  They included information on donations, naming opportunities and a floor plan for the building.  The campus campaign will begin this semester.  By this fall, there needs to be an additional $2 million raised for the building. 

Sports Complex

This is the largest fundraising project in the history of UW-L and the city of La Crosse.  A few months ago, the project was divided into two phases because the cost estimate has risen.  Phase 1 is $13.4 million and includes the Westside Grandstand, including the Veterans’ Hall of Honor. It will replace the track and put in a turf football field.   It will also redo the rec fields, which will also be lit.  It is hoped that the bids will come in underneath the estimates which would allow for the inclusion of the design alternate(s) without additional funds being raised.  In Phase 2, the Eastside Grandstand will be completed and hold about 2,000 people.  It total, the Stadium would hold 8,000 spectators.  Currently, the Westside seats about 2200 and the Eastside seats 1500.  Phase 2 may also include a locker room for daily use by the football and a strength center.  If there are not enough funds for that, part of the funds pledged by students will be used to expand the REC center.  Currently, we have enough for Phase 1 and are working on the Eastside.  


            Hall of Honor

            A tile will cost $1,000 and can be paid over 5 years.  The goal is to eventually have a kiosk where you could enter the name of any veteran, whether they have a tile or not, and bring up their name, information and picture.

            Timeline – Academic Building

            The building is still on schedule to begin being built in 2009 and begin classes in 2011. 

            Employee Donations

            The goal for the campus campaign will be a percentage of participation which has not been set yet.  The percentage of faculty/staff that give to the Foundation is around 20% right now.  Would like to see that number go up significantly (80%). 

            Core Committee

            The first goal for them is to expand the number of staff/faculty to be involved in a leadership role related to fundraising.

            Wall of Honor

            There will be a wall of honor in the academic building in the east entrance.  It will be used to recognize the donors for the Academic Building. 

            Hall of Honor – Hmong Veterans

            How will the Hmong veterans be honored?  Right now, branches of the military will be represented.  Desmond will bring that question up with the veteran reps that are working on the project.

            Electronic version of the literature

            Trapp will email out electronic versions of the brochure and the list of naming opportunities. 

            Naming opportunity - The list does not include the naming of the building.  That will cost $5 million.   

Approval of Minutes

 Motion to approve: Robinson – Van Roosenbeek           APPROVED 

Shared Governance

This was created to get academic staff input from the beginning.  Some campuses have not interpreted in this way and have voted against the proposal.  Motion to support document: Leahy – Lo.  3-2-2. Motion fails. 

Excellence Award

Janie Spencer – Richter will write the letter from the Council

Campus Climate – Betsy Morgan and Student Association are writing letters. Van Roosenbeek will write the letter from the Council. 

Contract Length Discussions

Leahy, Richter, and Van Roosenbeek met with Rob Hetzel this morning.  They brought up the issue that many academic staff members have not been given the opportunity for a multi-year contract.   With the recent budgetary news from the state, there is not much hope for change on the issue at this time.  If not for the budget situation, there would be a great chance for changing this.  The Vice Chancellor said to expect change on contract language, tuition reimbursement and contracts for those who start after July 1 so they can all get benefits. 

UW System

Meeting this week. 

Joint Planning and Budget

There was some resistance to letting alternates sit at the table but that has been figured out. 

Bylaws Committee

June Reinert and Hong Rost will be the new members 

Campus Community Enrichment Committee

Would like to see Council representation at the meetings.  Need someone to go on Friday, February 15.   

Next Meeting

Monday, February 25 

Meeting adjourned at 2:40pm.