Minutes: February 17, 2007


Present:  Robinson, Heyer, Van Roosenbeek, Veglahn, Jacobson, Richter, Brunk

Absent:  Hoeft, Weiland

Guest:  Chancellor Gow

Meeting began 3:10 p.m.

Approval of minutes  Veglahn/Robinson

Briefing Paper

A Briefing Paper was forwarded to Chancellor Gow expressing concerns academic staff council members wanted to discuss with him.  Concern over the elimination of Rolling Horizon contracts was discussed at length with Gow.  He is committed to the notion of the employees here and stated that we should find ways to give more security as this is a morale issue.  The discussion also included hourly LTE’s that receive no benefits.  Gow does not recommend anyone making a career out of this type of position.  He does not know enough about the financial situation at UW-L to recommend changes in this area yet and dramatic changes would create consequences. Gow stated it was not healthy for people to be unhappy and he would be willing to talk to us about ideas we would like to present to give positive momentum.  

Another concern expressed was shared governance and how Faculty Senate and Student Government both clearly have more influence than Academic Staff Council. It was expressed to Gow that he can help us by reminding folks there is Academic Staff Council too and not just Faculty Senate that makes all the decisions.  Gow considers communication very important and wants to work hard to include everyone.  He is willing to meet with Academic Staff council whenever we would like him to attend. 

UW-L Suggestions for Inclusive Language

Van Roosenbeek handed out the suggestions created by Peggy Finders and the Campus Climate Council regarding inclusive language suggestions to use when preparing a speech or presentation, etc.  A letter signed by Chancellor Gow listing the suggestions will be sent to all employees.  


A memo will be emailed to all Non-Instructional Academic Staff regarding spring elections.  ASC is seeking six new members to be elected to Academic Staff Council for the 2007/08 academic year.  The March 14th deadline will be extended by a couple days since it falls during Spring Break.

a) ASC members will help market the elections by encouraging staff to run for a position.

b) Hoeft turned in her resignation for ASC as she has taken a position off campus

c)  Debbie will change the number of new members to be elected from five to six to

     account for the recent Hoeft resignation on ASC.

d) Debbie also moved “if elected to the Academic Staff council of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, I will faithfully serve in that capacity” from the top of the Nomination Petition form to right above the staff member’s name at the bottom of the petition form.

Leadership Conference – Superior

The Leadership Conference will be held in Superior this year on June 28th and 29th.  After the elections we can invite new members to attend the conference.  Currently Brunk and Van Roosenbeek plan to attend.  Heyer and Richter still considering and Robinson, Veglahn, & Hoeft cannot attend.

Meeting ended at 4:40 p.m.

Motion - Richter/Robinson

 Minutes submitted by Sharie Brunk