Minutes: February 22, 2005 

Present: Van Roosenbeek, Karpinsky, Torstveit, Naber, Jacobson, Walls, Reinert, Veglahn, Herling

Excused: Johnson-Sage

Absent: Weiland

Called to order at 3:01

I.                     Minutes approved

II.                   Committee reports

Planning and Budget – The committee met last week but there is not anything definitive from them yet

Madison System Rep Meeting Report – University staff are being encouraged to lobby their officials as citizens, rather than employees of the University.

Bylaws and Elections – The committee presented proposed changes to the Bylaws and the council provided the 1st review

III.                  Wellness Initiative Update – Dr. Petra Roter

A number of issues where covered.  Among them were:

Alcohol use – to see the recommendations from the Mayor’s Task Force, go to http://www.cityoflacrosse.org/index.asp?NID=639.

Many people across campus and in the community are working on this issue.  This can’t be dealt with just as a campus wide problem, we must partner with the other colleges and the rest of the community.

Mental Health and Eating Disorders -  While the students coming into UW-L are the best and the brightest, they also have a lot of issues, some of the challenges involve mental health issues.

UW-L seems to have more eating disorders and we are taking a team approach to the problem.

Students with Disabilities – Working to get a PA in Disability Resources.  We also discussed the Governors elimination of over $2 million from the budget for disability resources. 

Relationship Issues – Students are having identity issues.  Some students are in abusive relationships and sexual assault is a problem on all campuses.  Marcia Johnson-Sage developed a  tutorial for faculty and staff that is in the first stage.  There were 13 reported sexual assaults last year.

What can Academic Staff Council do? Become politically involved in the budget process by writing you representatives.  Don’t forget about the federal level and the problems with Financial Aid and the TRIO programs.

IV.               Chair’s Report

Program Array Committee of Faculty Senate – Marcia Naber attended their meeting and will be sending out a report about it.

Plan 2008 – Al Thompson will be at the next Full Council meeting to discuss it

AC Staff Professional Representation Organization – Terry Wirkus has volunteered to represent UW-L on ASPRO’s Board of Directors

Meeting Adjourned at 4:46 

Respectfully Submitted, Liz Peyer, PA