Minutes: February 25, 2003

Present:  Petersen, Naber, Graumann, Jacobson, Goudie, Reinert, Torstveit, Walls, and  Sweetman       

Absent: Wirkus, Weiland 

  1. Call to order 3:02pm
  2. Approval of minutes M/S/P
  3. Roll Call
  4. Carla Burkhardt shared a progress update on PD grant and Academic Excellence Awards.
    1. The funding dollars for July 1-Dec. 31, 2003 is about $8000, the same amount as last round.  The deadline for this round of grants is March 14, 2003.  Priority for funding is based on previous funding, quality of proposal, and number of people benefiting from the activity, as well as how active the individual will be in the conference (more priority if he/she is presenting, rather than simply attending).
    2. The Excellence Awards will still be in the amount of $750 for a non-instructional academic staff member, and $750 for an IAS.  Nelda Manter’s materials have been submitted for the UW-System Excellence Award, though it is unclear when their selection will be made.
  5. Election nomination forms were due February 24, 2003.  Nominations were needed to fill two Student Development and Academic Services positions, one At-Large position, and one Colleges position.  However, five nominations were received for the Student Development position, and no nominations were received for the Colleges position.
    1. M/S/P to put all five Student Development names on a ballot and have two academic staff members vote for two of those names.  Ballots will be sent March 6 and received March 13.  They will be counted on March 14, 2003.
    2. M/S/P to email all academic staff without faculty status in the Colleges division for nominations for the ASC.
  6. Vice Chair Naber shared details of the Madison Rep meeting on February 20, 2003.  David Olean spoke about ASPRO and Friends of Higher Education, the budget was discussed, and additional financial aid for students from the auxiliary reserve aid fund was discussed as a one-time occurrence.  Also, the Academic Staff Leadership Conference will be held in Oshkosh from July 17-18, 2003, and the title is, “Building a Shared Purpose.”
  7. The Council discussed questions to ask the Chancellor on his visit in March.  The Council should get questions to him at least one week beforehand.  A special session in March may be held for this.
    1. Follow-up questions regarding potential contract changes.
    2. Long-range picture: What is it, who is it decided by, and what goes into making something a log-range goal?
    3. What are the pros/cons of establishing financial exigency?
    4. What are the precedent and rules for changing contracts?
    5. Please provide a brief update on the status of the strategic plan and specifically how you plan to measure and monitor performance with implementation of the plan.
    6. Please provide a brief update on the status of the State budget, and how this will impact UW-L during FY04.
    7. Has UW-L been as successful as hoped in terms of diversity among students and employees?  Is a prospective student’s minority status a factor in considering his/her application?  How will this change if the ongoing Supreme Court case between a University in Michigan and the White House find in favor of the White House and not allow minority status to be a factor in student selection?
    8. IRAS issue:  Should IRAS be given the chance to select their representation by Faculty Senate or Academic Staff Council?
    9. Do you have any issues/challenges that you would like the Academic Staff Council to address?
  8. Lori Petersen has contacted several IRAS, and has received 8 or 9 questions so far for the survey.  She will meet with Brad Quarberg on February 28, 2003.  However, this may be put on hold due to the budget situation.
  9. Vice Chair Naber shared a budget update from a meeting with the Chancellor and his cabinet.
    1. There is a new budget reductions web page to keep campus aware of the budget process, as well as background information relating to the budget.  Individuals can submit comments anonymously.
    2. Stan Davis, a lawyer for Doyle, states that UW-L will have to cut over 100 positions if the budget goes through, not counting tuition increases.  If tuition is raised, only 60 positions will be cut.
    3. February 28, 2003 is the due date for Ron Lostetter’s list of suggestions regarding the budget.  These will be reviewed in March by the governance groups, and Ron’s final budget is due to System by April 15.
  10. Ballots will be created for each division (Colleges, Stud. Dev., At-Large) so academic staff only respond to the ones they can vote for.
  11. Betsy Morgan, faculty, is requesting a resolution from the ASC on domestic partner benefits.  However, resolutions must be brought by an academic staff member. 
    1. M/S/P to table this discussion until at least the next meeting.  Betsy Morgan should be contacted so she can contact an academic staff member who is willing to bring this resolution before the Council.
  12. Adjournment
    1. 4:06PM


Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA