Minutes: February 25, 2008 

Present: Brunk, Van Roosenbeek, Robinson, Burton, Richter, Dodge, Vahala, Leahy, Heyer, Weiland

Excused: Lo,  

Guests: Mike Adler, Val Schute, Bob Hetzel


Meeting called to order at 1:19.


I. New Academic Building

Guest speakers came to talk about the designs and plans in the new academic building.  Many council members will have offices or teach in the new building.  The presentation has been made to the Student Senate and Faculty Senate.  The goal is to get feedback on the design.  They are approaching 35% of documents completed. It will go to bid at the end of 2008.  Oshkosh and Superior are also building new academic buildings and Whitewater has a some what similar building in the works.  The building is planned to be nearly 180,000 square feet.  All the class rooms are planned to be general access rooms.  There are many student support areas planned through out the building. 


The building will be on a four acre sit with the removal of Wilder, Baird and Trowbridge halls.  The main front will be east facing, towards a too be developed mall area which would include a large green space that it is hoped to be installed at roughly the same time as the academic building.  It is not a part of the building plan. 


The building will be four stories tall.  First floor will feature two 250 person auditoriums.  The classrooms will be on stories 1-3.  If all seats in the building were occupied, it would hold 5,000 people.  The presenters showed floor plans for each floor.  Then presented was a virtual tour of the building. Items discussed included: accessibility, security, technology, lounge areas, sustainability, and a possible coffee shop.


II. Minutes

Motion to approve Robinson – Brunk         APPROVED


III. Bookstore

A consultant is coming to campus to discuss the bookstore.  Vahala passed around sign up sheet to meet with the consultant.


IV. System Awards

Working to get all pieces together.  Only waiting for one item relating to the Program award.


V. System Rep

Will send out information about contract language from other schools.  At the last reps meeting talked about Growth Action steps.  Collective Bargaining passed in the Senate but is not expected to get out of the Assembly.


VI. Enrollment Management Meeting

There are more applicants than last year at this time.  There does not seem to be much backlash from Growth, Quality and Access.  A letter sent out earlier resulted in only one question. 


VII. Pepsi Money

The students have voted to try to create a process through which people will apply for monies.  They are looking to create a quasi-endowment which would allow them access to the money at any time but still earn interest.


VIII. Professional Development Committee

The committee will be approving some changes to the professional development grant process.  Instructional academic staff will continue to be included in the process.   


IX. Elections

Start talking to people about running.  There will be four open seats up for election.


Meeting adjourned at 2:59pm.