Minutes: March 10, 2008 

Present: Lo, Burton, Brunk, Robinson, Vahala, Van Roosenbeek, Richter, Heyer, Leahy

Excused: Dodge, Weiland

Guests: Tillman, Veglahn, Klinner,


Meeting called to order at 1:16pm. 


I.   IT Strategic Plan

John Tillman came to discuss the IT Strategic Plan, looking for review and approval of the plan.  This has been in the works for many years.  It now needs to be submitted to the Board of Regents, per a recent budget bill.  The plan was developed with the IT staff.  The Faculty Senate executive committee has already discussed it and it will go to the Senate as whole later this week. There is no timeline for the plan because there is not specific funding tied to the goals of the plan.  A budget sheet will be put together next year, which would be sent to Joint Budget and Planning. 


II. PeopleSoft Student Information System Project

Veglahn distributed a handout on the project.  The implementation is still in the early stages.  They are looking at what services they will be able to offer.  9 other Wisconsin campuses have already implemented it. Consultants have started to arrive and the team is based out of Wing.  The system will start going live this fall with Admissions.  The website for the project is http://www.uwlax.edu/peoplesoft/


III. Vice Chancellor Hetzel

Co-chair Richter told Vice Chancellor that Oregon State University has implemented a completely transparent budget process which allows people to view the budget and spending online.  More information can be found on CNN and the Chronicle of Higher Education.  Hetzel made plans to come to the next Academic Staff Council to discuss using a new, paperless system for the search and screen process across campus. 


Wisconsin is $652 million short for the current fiscal year.  The governor will be calling a special session to deal with the short fall.  Some areas have been identified to be cut but $500 million still remains to be covered.  Right now, we have to plan for 3 categories for next year:  lapse, unfunded mandates and structural deficits.  The first is Academic Initiatives in which the university was supposed to be matching student funds.  Soft dollars have been used and these are becoming fewer and fewer.  The university will no longer be able to do matching.  However, the students have collected a roughly half million dollar reserve.  They are looking at doing a four year reduction plan for matching dollars, finalizing in Academic Initiatives being funded at $700,000 compared to the current $900,000.  Growth, Quality and Access may be able to


Veterans Remissions.  The costs are higher than initially budgeted.  Budgeted for roughly $300,000; is closer to $700,000.


Common Systems.  The cost for this will increase from $50,000 to $200,000 and this will increase 5-10% for the next 27 years.  This is to covered the costs of mistakes made in the past by the System. 


People Soft.  $514,000 for the next seven years. 


Facilities. Stadium - $100,000/year in operating cost due to increased irrigation, lighting, heating costs, etc.  Academic Building: $600,000/year


Over the next several years, we will have many obligations and unfunded mandates.  What does it mean for next year?  For the System, we could have up to $30 million lapse.  This could be $1.35 million for UW-L.  Potential that we will have to come up with $2.4 million between the cuts and funding discussed earlier.  We will have to do some belt tightening.  This will begin once the state tells us what they are doing, if any amount of the lapse will be covered and if any Veterans Remissions will be covered.  A number of departments are overspending their budgets on the 102 funding side.  This has been growing over the years.  Vice Chancellor Hetzel is looking at convening a leadership group to work on coming up with a plan which would be then brought to Joint Budget and Planning.  As for Academic Initiatives, he is looking at calling a meeting with all directors who receive funding from the sources. 


With the budget shortfalls, the Vice Chancellor expressed that he doesn’t think there will be layoffs, that he would be surprised by that. 


Also discussed was doing financial assessments of program enrollment, number of colleges, J, May and summer terms, the work schedule during the summer, winter break schedule, and telecommuting.  It was suggested to have a brainstorm session on how to save money. 


IV. Minutes

Motion to approve Leahy – Brunk               APPROVED


V. Other

If you have issues to talk about, please send it out via email. 


Meeting adjourned at 3:01pm.