Minutes: March 22, 2005

Called to order at 3:02pm.

Present: Jacobson, Johnson-Sage, Torstveit, Van Roosenbeek, Walls, Karpinsky, Reinert, Veglahn, Herling, Naber

Excused: Weiland 

II.                Committee Reports

Planning and Budget – there have been two meetings since that last council meeting.  They have discussed the Work Life Proposal and the governor’s plan that calls for cutting those positions he deemed administration.  There are search and screens still going on.  The Faculty Senate recently passed a resolution citing a preference for more cuts centrally rather than on individual campuses. 

By-laws Vote on 2005 Changes

Motion to approve: Walls-Van Roosenbeek

By-laws approved

AC Staff Reps Meeting in Madison on March 17

There was a discussion of a change in format for the meetings.  They also discussed Kevin Reiley’s letter on the budget and other budget issues. 

Salary and Personnel

They are preparing a memo to present to Academic Staff Council that will prioritize their goals and explain why they have these goals.  Among their recommendations will be better access to information on career progression, title changes, etc.

III.             Plan 2008

 Plan 2008 is now in Phase II.  The Board of Regents has passed a resolution saying that the Chancellors will be held responsible for implementing Plan 2008 on their campuses.  The resolution includes the follow ideas:

-         a diversity report card for every campus, every year which would be submitted to the Board

-         a system wide Campus Climate Survey

Next week, there will be a meeting of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Chancellor Hastad, Provost Hitch and Al Thompson.  Among the issues that will be discussed are who is accountable, how will the assessment be done, will the strategies used be measurable, will be able to show a closing gap between majority students and student of color?

The tight budget provides us with an opportunity to look at possible restructuring. 

Al requested that the members of the council review Plan 2008 and provide Dr. Thompson with and thoughts or new ideas.  Also that the Council pass a resolution in support of the plan.

IV.              Old Business 

Election Update

The Bylaws, Elections and Policies/Procedures Committee will meet on Friday at 1:00pm to verify the results.

Instructional Staff Report at Faculty Senate 

The Faculty Senate decided that Instructional Academic Staff will be represented by the Faculty Senate from the time they are hired.  A committee will be established to deal with Instructional Academic Staff issues.  There was a motion to create a seat for Instructional Staff, however that was tabled

Committee Volunteers and Assignment Procedure

After the election, an email will be sent to Academic Staff to recruit volunteers for open positions on committees

V.                 New Business

Share Office of AS Council

There has been a request that the ASC office be shared with the accreditation team.  If they agree, they will use the small office while the ASC will use the conference room.

Program Assistant for 2004-2005

Liz Peyer was approved to be the Program Assistant for the next school year.

VI.              Announcements and Upcoming Events

The Board of Regents recently passed a resolution to include gender identity  or expression into the University of Wisconsin System Regent Policy Documents on Non-Discrimination

March 25-Professional Development Grant Application Deadline

                  March 31- Nominations Due for Excellence Awards

                  April 1 -Deadline for International Grant Applications

                 April 5- Next EXEC Meeting 7:45am

                 April 12- Next Full Council Meeting (we have 2 in April)

                 April 18- Monday EXEC Meeting 7:45am (this is a change)

                April 26- Full Council Meeting, Election of Officers, New Council/Old

Council Attends


Meeting Adjourned at 4:31 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Liz Peyer, PA