Minutes: April 1, 2003

Present:  Petersen, Naber, Graumann, Jacobson, Goudie, Reinert, Torstveit, Walls, Wirkus, Weiland, and Sweetman       

  1. Call to order 3:00pm.
  2. Approval of minutes M/S/P.
  3. Roll Call.
  4. M/S/P to accept the funding recommendations for professional development grants made by the Professional Development Committee.
  5. The ASC discussed a possible Council resolution regarding contracts.  Rolling horizon contracts will no longer be issued at UW-L, and the administration has stated that all contracts across campus will be switched to fixed-term contracts.  The length of the fixed-term contract for to each academic staff member will be determined by his/her unit head and department chair/director.  The following are concerns that the ASC has with the decision to make all contracts fixed-term.
    1. Wayne Jacobson would like the ASC to express opposition to the possible removal of RH contracts due to the academic staff on campus feeling devalued in the process.
    2. Lori Petersen feels that the RH contract decision should be consistent across campus, and not vary from department to department.  However, Chair Wirkus would like to be cautious not to cause too much damage, e.g. switching everyone to one-year fixed-term contracts, instead of only some staff members.
    3. Vice Chair Naber stated that the ASC should be consulted when decisions such as this are made.
    4. Dan Sweetman would like to know whether switch from RH to fixed-term temporary or permanent.
    5. M/S/P to table this issue until the April 22, 2003 Full Council meeting.  Chair Wirkus and Dan Sweetman will create drafts for that meeting.
  6. The ASC discussed the reorganization proposal.
    1. Lori Petersen spoke of the lack of support for the reorganization from the College of HPERTE academic staff.
    2. Mark Zmudy spoke of the reorganization in relation to the ADHOC faculty.  The reorganization suggests eliminating those positions, which would cause a shortage of sections, overloads, etc. in the College of HPERTE.
    3. Paul Plinske of Intercollegiate Athletics asked for a delay or a denial of the request for reorganization, stating that it would put something that has no organization into effect that would have long-term ramifications.
    4. Pat DiRocco stated that the proposed reorganization plan was not thorough enough.  He is not against reorganization, but would like to take the appropriate steps to create the best possible solution.  He does not want to make such a dramatic decision without knowing if/how it will work in more detail.
    5. Andrea Goudie made the following recommendation regarding the reorganization proposal: 

                                                              i.      The ASC should vote against the plan as presented.  Action should be taken through the appropriate channels for governance bodies to discuss and modify it.

    1. Lori Petersen made the following recommendation regarding the reorganization proposal, in response to Andrea Goudie’s motion: 

                                                              i.      I move that the ASC go on record that we reject Proposal 3 for reorganization as presented, and we urge a more thorough process to study the reorganization. 

    1. Andrea Goudie withdrew her motion.
    2. M/S/P to accept Lori Petersen’s motion (for 9, against 0, abstain 2).
  1. The ASC had a discussion regarding sending a budget reduction recommendation to Ron Lostetter.
    1. June Reinert stated that there wasn’t enough time to prepare the Strategic Plan in order for it to be effective with the budget cuts, and would like to see the University take care that in the future it makes cuts according to an official Strategic Plan.
    2. Bill Graumann makes a motion to recommend that the ASC accept the budget reductions, without reorganization, as submitted by Ron Lostetter’s figures.  M/S/P (unanimous).
    3. The ASC tabled a memo to be sent to Ron Lostetter and Billy Clow regarding concerns/suggestions about the budget cuts.  Discussion will continue April 22.
  2. The UW-L Joint Legislative Committee will be meeting Friday, April 4, from 2-3pm in the Cleary Center with Senator Meyer and Representatives Huebsch and Schilling.  They will be answering questions regarding the State budget.
  3. Chair Wirkus and VC Naber requested input for them to draft a statement to bring to the Joint Finance Committee Meeting at UW-Platteville.
  4. Lynn Weiland stated that now is the time to get letters to legislators, according to the Academic Staff Rep meeting she attended recently.  The letters should be sent as individuals, not as a group from the University.  Letters should discuss how the budget will affect how students will be educated, particularly sharing specific stories, without whining.
  5. Chair Wirkus proposed an additional option for compensation to be added to the Academic Staff Council Chair Compensation Policy as an incentive for individuals to run for Chair in the future.  The option would be an overload payment, made in the form of extraordinary payment in the amount of $10,000, to the Chair personally for work performed as the Chair when the other compensation options don’t fit that person’s situation.  M/S/P.  The Chancellor must also approve this option in order for it to become a part of the Compensation Policy.
  6. Adjournment with motion to table remaining agenda items until the next Full Council meeting.
    1. 5:08PM


Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA