Minutes: April 14, 2008

Present: Richter, Burton, Brunk, Lo, Leahy, Vahala, Robinson, Heyer, Van Roosenbeek, Weiland,

Excused: Dodge

Guests: Thomspon, Wilson, McGarry, Smith


Meeting called to order at 1:17pm. 


I.         Guest Speakers – Al Thompson and Jennifer Wilson

Response to NIASGC Recommendations

Recommendation 1 – request for specific policies addressing concerns related to the emergency hiring practices.

-Pool searches and emergency hires will be ended.  With the implementation of PeopleSoft, all hiring searches including the contingency work force will be conducted through the internet.   This is hoped to be ready by July 1, 2008.  A person can add their information to this pool at any time.  Once every year or two, the people who have submitted their information will be contacted to find out if they still want their name included and then will be asked to update their information.  These hires will all be required to have the same standards, requirements and process.

- The contingency workforce will be publicized in various ways. 


Recommendation 2 – request that campus supervisors follow a standard protocol when dealing with current employee appointments.

- Supervisors will be requested to provide a courteous, direct, clear and timely verbal reminder to the employee that their appointment at UWL will end and remind them of the date.  HR will provide suggested language.  Deans and divisions officer will receive reappointment material also asking them to provide the reminder to fixed term employees.  Training for supervisors is also being looked at; however there is not currently funding for new training. 

- Want supervisors to talk to all employees who have a fixed term, including those who will be asked to continue on the next year. 



Someone hired through the contingency work force could become a permanent employee if they have gone through the search and screen process. 


II. Approval of Minutes

First, Robinson; Second, Brunk.        APPROVED


III. Elections

We have no nominations.  At the last executive meeting, a list was brainstormed of people to contact.  Most of these people have been contacted who expressed varying degrees of interest.  Council members are encouraged to continue recruitment.


IV. Committee Reports

Search and Screen

- There were two search committees which needed positions filled: Dean of SAH and Dean of CLS.  Academic staff members have been chosen for those committees. CLS has 7 applicants; SAH had 2.  The names will be forwarded to Jennifer Wilson and the individuals will be notified.


Professional Development

-          They have started to discuss the grants for activities in the fall.  They will begin to review Excellence awards in the next few weeks. 


Joint Planning and Budget

- Vahala distributed a handbook on the JPB website, which lists the minutes of the committee.  Right now, they are working on dividing up the positions created by Growth, Quality and Access.  For more information, check the April 9, 2008 JPB minutes at http://cs.uwlax.edu/JPB/JPB.html.


Salary and Personnel

The committee will be meeting in a week to work on a letter to send out to new hires. 


Legislative Affairs

The committee will be having local legislators come to campus in the near future. 


V. System Reps

There is a meeting this Thursday.  Brunk will be filling in for Leahy who has a conference. 


VI. Next Meeting

-          HR – Training officer

-          Awareness Through Performance – would like to do a performance before or after the Chancellor’s address; would like a letter of support relating to that



Meeting adjourned at 2:40pm.