Minutes: April 22, 2003

Present:  Petersen, Naber, Graumann, Jacobson, Wirkus, Weiland, Goudie, Reinert, Torstveit, Walls, and Sweetman    

  1. Call to order 3:02pm
  2. Approval of minutes M/S/P
  3. Roll Call
  4. The Council discussed a possible memo, drafted by Dan Sweetman, regarding the permanence of rolling horizon contracts. 
    1. Jennifer Wilson had advised on keeping the wording of rolling horizon contracts on the HR website, and advised the Council to consider the ramifications of removing them.
    2. Wayne Jacobson moved to table the memo.  M/S/P
  5. Chair Wirkus contacted Katie Van Roosenbeek because she needs to make a presentation to the ASC about the Domestic Partnership issue.  She will attend the May 27 meeting.  Troy Richter should be emailed about the location of that meeting.
  6. The Council discussed attaching a cover letter to the IRAS survey results and sending them to the Provost’s Office.  The cover letter would explain the issue and its history, as well as request a reply to how they will address the issue.  The ASC is willing to provide assistance to move this issue further.  The Academic Staff’s Salary and Personnel Committee will do a follow-up on the Provost’s research.
    1. Vice Chair Naber suggests adding “Internship Supervision” and “Academic Advising” under the question “What other responsibilities do you have?”
    2. Vice Chair Naber made a motion to send this memo with a cover letter to the Provost’s Office, asking that office to take the IRAS survey results and do some research.  M/S/P
  7. The ASC approved the budget recommendations from the Planning and Budget Committee. 
    1. Dan Sweetman drafted a memo to Ron Lostetter.  M/S/P to send this memo with corrections.  (Part one – change “may impact” to “will impact.”  Also, change memo’s date.)
  8. Chair Wirkus and Vice Chair Naber attended the Joint Finance Committee meeting on April 8 in Platteville.  They presented their comments to the committee.
  9. Lynn Weiland discussed writing letters to the legislators regarding feelings about the budget.  They want to hear specific stories of how students, staff, and faculty will be affected.  If nothing is written to them, they get the impression that “everything’s ok.”
    1. Perhaps a list of people and addresses should be posted on the ASC website.
  10. The Planning and Budget Committee made 16 of 21 changes that were recommended by the ASC.  Vice Chair Naber read the suggestions that weren’t put into the plan draft.
  11. The additional option for the Chair Compensation Policy was rejected by the Chancellor, due to the current budget situation.  However, it can be reviewed in two years by the Council (Vice Chair Naber suggests putting this into the Bylaws).
  12. The Leadership Conference will be from July 17-18 this summer.  The Council will ask the Chancellor for permission to attend.  Council members interested in attending should email Chair Wirkus or Vice Chair Naber.
  13. Adjournment
    1. 4:0PM

Reconvene as New Council 

Present:  Naber, Wirkus, Weiland, Goudie, Reinert, Torstveit, Walls, Herling, Karpinsky, and  Sweetman             

Absent: Johnson-Sage 

  1. The Council held elections for the 2003-04 officer.
    1. Chair: Marcia Naber
    2. Vice Chair: Terry Wirkus
    3. Secretary: Mary Torstveit
    4. Academic Staff Rep: Lynn Weiland (continuation of term)
    5. At-Large Rep for the Executive Committee: Tim Walls
    6. These names will be sent to the Campus Connection and posted on the ASC website, as well as the names of the new Council members.
  2. The Executive Committee will assign committees on May 6 at 8:15am.  Their suggestions will be brought to the May Full Council meeting for approval.  Council members should email their committee preferences.
  3. Adjournment
    1. 4:15 M/S/P

Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA