Minutes: April 26, 2005

Present: Naber, Jacobson, Weiland, Reinert, Walls, Johnson-Sage, Karpinsky, Torstveit Veglahn, Herling, Brunk, Richter

Introduction of New Members

I.                   Approval of Minutes 

II.                Committee Reports

Planning and Budget – there is a meeting tomorrow, however the committee members are unsure what will be discussed.  There was no meeting last week.

Madison Representative – At the last meeting, there was a discussed of statutory reporting for sexual assault.  The Academic Staff members were also asked to name one positive thing that has come from the budget changes.

Professional Development Committee – The choices for grants have been made and letters will be sent out later this week.

III.             Chair’s Report

The NCA self study is starting and there are two upcoming meetings that Chair Naber recommends Academic Staff attend:

Thursday, April 28 – How Can UW-L Use Scholarship and Outreach to Stimulate Organizational and Educational Improvement?

Thursday, May 5 – What are UW-L’s Strengths and Areas in Need of Improvement 

IV.              Salary and Personnel Committee’s Recommendations

The Women’s Advisory Committee will be asking Terry Thill to do an equity study.

Motion to send the recommendations to Jennifer Wilson and Ron Lostetter.  They would also like to ask for a committee to be set up to work with Human Resources to get the recommendations implemented.  The committee would be composed of members of the Salary and Personnel committee and the Faculty Senate’s Instructional Academic Staff committee.

Amended to add Chancellor Hastad to the recipients.

Amended to ask for a response from Ron Lostetter.

Chair Naber will send the new version of the recommendations to the Council before she sends it to the previously mentioned recipients.

V.                 Committee Assignment

Liz will be sending out an email to all Academic Staff to find people who will volunteer for the remaining spots.

The 2004-2005 Academic Staff Council was adjourned at 3:37pm.

The 2005-2006 Academic Staff Council was called to order at 3:38pm.

VI.              Elections of New Council

The 2004-2005 Executive Board presented a slate of nominees 

Chair: Patricia Karpinsky

Vice Chair: Katie VanRoosenbeek

Secretary: Guy Herling

Slate was approved.

VII.           Meeting Times and Date for 2005-2006

The Full Council agreed to meet the fourth Monday of every month at 3:00pm in 104 Wing and they will also meet on the second Monday of any month in which it is needed.

The Executive Board will continue to meeting the third Tuesday of every month at 7:45 am in 217 Graff Main Hall.

                  Chair Karpinsky announced that Deb Veglahn will be serving as the

                  Madison Representative next year and Wayne Jacobson will be the at

                  large member of the Executive Board

VIII.        New Business

Reminder that the Academic Staff Leadership Conference is July 14-15 at River Falls.  Chancellor Hastad has approved $350 for the trip, enough for 6 people to attend.  Chair Karpinsky will be attending.  Please check your calendars if you are also interested in going. 

Meeting adjourned at 3:51pm. 

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Peyer, PA