Minutes: April 28, 2008

Present: Van Roosenbeek, Robinson, Burton, Brunk, Heyer, Leahy, Vahala, Dodge, Lo,

Excused: Richter, Weiland

Guest: Gow, Sleznikow, Bean Thompson,


Meeting called to order at 1:17pm.


I. UW-L Joint Committee on Environmental Sustainability

Larry Sleznikow came to speak about the environmental sustainability committee.  He is part of a committee that was established last fall to look at the Talloires Declaration. The committee came up with a report which approved signing the declaration, which was signed on Earth Day.  The committee established in the fall feels that a similar group needs to be maintained on campus to work on environmental sustainability on campus.  It is proposed that the members of the current committee be retained for the joint committee and membership spots would open up every year. 

There is currently not a classified staff member on the committee; the committee would like to do this.  Council members suggested that students have a larger representation on the committee and Sleznikow said he would take it back to the committee.  How often the committee will meet has not yet been determined.    Much of the group’s work will be dedicated to education. 


II. Chancellor Gow

Chancellor Gow came to discuss the Special Assistant and Advisor to the Chancellor position and also discussed the state budget. 


III. Minutes

Changed from PeopleSoft to PeopleAdmin

Motion to approve: Heyer, first, Lo, second.          APPROVED


IV. Elections and Appointments

We do have one person that is for sure interested.  A couple other people are interested.  Dodge is willing to serve another term.  Motion to appoint Diane Sasaki and Chris Dodge to the Academic Staff Council for a three year term: First, Robinson, Second, Leahy.             APPROVED 


V. Summer Conference

July 17-18 and it is at Platteville this summer.  Please look at your calendars and let Will know if you are interested.  We will request funding once the new Provost is on campus.  We typically get funding to send 6 people. 


VI. Awareness Through Performance

The group would like to have a training during the Chancellor’s opening address and is looking for letters of support to send to the Chancellor.  Van Roosenbeek sent out a draft letter of support.  A few edits were suggested.  Van Roosenbeek will send out a new version via email.


VII. Inclusive Excellence

This is System’s new diversity initiative which Van Roosenbeek has sent to the Council.  It is still a draft.  There is a World Café Friday May 9 from 2:30 – 4:00 in Port O Call and this initiative will be the main topic. 


VIII. System Reps

There is a meeting this Friday.  Brunk attended the last meeting via telephone in place of Leahy.  The Statewide Excellence Awards will be given out in August. 


IX. Joint Planning and Budget

Vahala distributed the proposal that the Provost is bringing to this week’s meeting regarding distribution of new faculty from Growth, Quality and Access.  Vahala cannot make this week’s meeting; neither can either of the alternates.  Van Roosenbeek will try to attend in her place. 


X. Salary and Personnel

The committee will meet this week and are working on a letter to go out to all new staff.  Brunk will bring a copy to the next Full Council meeting. 


Meeting adjourned at 2:46pm.