Minutes: April 9, 2002

Present:   Cantona, Goudie, Reinert, Weiland, Sweetman, Graumann, Naber, Wirkus, Walls, and Torstveit 

Excusedt:    Jacobson, Petersen

I.       Chair Wirkus called the meeting to order at 3:02 PM. 

II.       Minutes from March 26 Full Council meeting approved. 

III.      Vice Chair Naber led a discussion about recommendations for the Budget Deficit Plan.  Ron Lostetter welcomes the Council’s imput/comments, and Chair Wirkus states that it would be wise to take the opportunity to voice the Council’s opinions.  A letter to Ron Lostetter will be drafted by Chair Wirkus, and all Council Members are asked to provide imput. 

IV.      Chair Wirkus shares the Inauguration welcome on behalf of Academic Staff with the Council.  Members give their suggestions/comments of the speech.  

V.        The Council is asked to provide questions for Jennifer Wilson.  She will be attending the April 23 meeting. 

VI.      Vice Chair Naber gives details of the A.S.K. program (Academic Staff Know-it-All).  This program is a mentoring program for new academic staff. 

VII.     An email of committee solicitation will be sent by the Academic Staff Council Office by April 15.  The deadline for replies is 4/30/02. 

VIII.    Excellence Award winners have been chosen.  They will be informed of their award, but will be asked to be discrete, as they will be publicly recognized in September. 

IX.     New Business 
a.   Academic Staff Rep Meeting is on April 18, from approx. 9:00a.m. – 11:00a.m.  It is a teleconference, and people are needed to listen in.  The room is TBA by Chair Wirkus.
b.   June Reinert extends an invitation to the Council members to attend the awards ceremony for the Most Accessible Department and Staff Member of the year.  This event takes place at 4:00 in the Ward Room CC, on April 24.  Susan Crutchfield and several students will be speaking. 

X.     Adjournment 

M/S/P to adjourn at 4:23 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA