Minutes: May 10, 2005

Present: Veglahn, Karpinsky, Jacobson, Richter, Brunk, Heyer, Herling, Van Roosenbeek

Excused: Johnson-Sage, Weiland, Reinert

Meeting called to order at 3:09pm.

 I.                   Approval of Minutes

 II.                Reports

 A.     Budget and Planning – The University has not met their goal for first year students from out of state.  Enrollment for the Summer Sessions is about 70% of what it was last year.

B.     Salary and Personnel – They will be meeting in about a week.  The memo will recommendations will be sent after contracts are issued.

III.             Summer

A.     There are plans for a retreat sometime late July, after the Leadership Conference.  If needed, a meeting may be held in August or if there is a response to the memo that needs to be dealt with.

B.     Leadership Conference: Jacobson, Herling, Brunk and Karpinsky will be attending.  There is funding for two more people to go.  It is in River Falls this year July 14-15.

IV.              There is a meeting with Legislators next Monday at 3:30pm.

V.                 Other

A.     Guy Herling attended the Career Progression meeting presented by Human Resources.  He thought it was very helpful and answered people’s questions.

B.     The Equity Meeting was not at the time that was printed in the Campus Connection.  Chair Karpinsky will be having a meeting with the presenter the first week in June.

Meeting adjourned at 3:35pm.