Minutes: May 12, 2008

Present: Van Roosenbeek, Lo, Brunk, Van Roosenbeek, Burton, Robinson, Richter, Dodge

Excused: Weiland, Leahy, Heyer, Vahala

Guests: Sasaki, Bean-Thompson, 


Meeting called to order at 1:20pm.


I. Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve – Robinson, Second, Burton.  APPROVED


II. Introductions for new Council members


III. Appointment of new members

Motion to approve Catherine Kolkmeier and Telitha Bean-Thompson to three year terms on the Academic Staff Council: Brunk, Second, Robinson.   APPROVED


IV. Summer Leadership Conference

It is July 17-18 in Platteville.  Van Roosenbeek sent out some more information on it this morning.  The co-chairs will meet with the new Provost to arrange funding.  A few Council members expressed interest is going.  Please contact Van Roosenbeek once plans are definite. 


V. Committee Reports

Joint Planning and Budget

There is still much uncertainty due to the budget.  Much of meeting Van Roosenbeek attended was devoted to enrollment management based on the declared major of incoming freshman. 

Salary and Personnel

The committee is planning a new academic staff orientation.  Once the HR office is notified that a person is being considered to be hired, they do a background check and contact the potential employee via email.  After the new hire receives the pink sheet, the Academic Staff Council would be notified of the hire and we would then send them a letter to inform this about different important dates and events.  Also included would be a new hire checklists; a supervisor checklist would be sent to the correct person.  The information will be sent out in a hard copy instead of via email.  The orientation will likely occur July 1.  The Chancellor and Academic Staff Council chair(s) would likely give a welcome.  Beth Hartung would give an overview of the sexual harassment tutorial.  This will be followed up with a breakout session with each new hires; what information do they feel they need to know?  We are looking at having members of the Salary and Personnel committee and the Academic Staff Council there to speak with the new employees.  This will be about 45 minutes, after which the HR department will take over with their regular orientation.  Council members gave some feed back on the orientation plan. 

Professional Development

The committee will meet next week to review the Excellence nominations. 


VI. Recognition of Departing Members

Brunk, Richter and Weiland were recognized for the service to the Council with Certificates of Appreciation. 


Meeting adjourned at 1:55pm.



Academic Staff Council

May 12, 2008

126 Wing


Present: Van Roosenbeek, Burton, Sasaki, Dodge, Bean-Thompson, Lo, Robinson

Excused: Heyer, Kolkmeier,

Guests: Richter, Brunk,


Meeting called to order at 1:56pm.


I. Meeting Times for 08-09

We will stick with meeting on the second and fourth Monday of the month at 1:15pm.  We will send out meeting requests via Outlook. 


II. Discussion of executive duties

We do have a few executive members who are willing to continue, if the Council desires it.  The duties of the various executive members were laid out and discussed.  We would like to look at the Vice Chair agreeing to be the Chair the following year. 


III. Meeting over the summer

The Council will meet once a month over the summer on the fourth Monday of the month except August.  The dates are June 23, July 28 and August 11.  


IV. Executive Committee

Motion to appoint the following members to the executive committee:

Chair: Van Roosenbeek

Secretary: Lo

System Rep: Leahy

At-Large: Sasaki

First, Burton; Second, Bean-Thompson.                APPROVED.  


V. Fall Kickoff

Suggestion: Add a recognition portion for years of service on campus.

We need to get approval to use the parking lot from Bob Hetzel.  We will check dates that are available in early October. 


VI. Other

If you would like to make a donation in memory of Brenda Leahy’s mother, please send the money to Will Van Roosenbeek.


Meeting adjourned at 2:35pm.