Minutes: May 8, 2006

Present: Karpinsky, Brunk, Heyer, Veglahn, Johnson-Sage, Reinert, Weiland, Richter, Jacobson, Herling

Excused: Van Roosenbeek 

Called to Order at 3:04 pm

Approval of Minutes Heyer-Veglahn          APPROVED

Committee Reports

Salary and Personnel

            Meeting this Thursday; Beth Hartung will be at the meeting

            IAS – Career Progression and Titling was approved by the Faculty      Senate.  An agreement was not made on course load.  All documents

            concerning this can be found on the Faculty Senate website.

Madison Representative

            Meeting next week; joint with the faculty reps and they will all meet with

            President Reilly 

NCA Visit

            Discussion of Diversity

            Group and access plan – questioned who was involved in the  


Chancellor Search and Screen

            They are having open session this week.  The Academic Staff Council

            received good response to the questions.

Leadership Conference

            July 13-14 in Eau Claire.  More details coming

Annual Meeting

            Looking for a new or different approach


            -just present Excellence award

            -meeting and greet with new dean(s)

            -town hall

                        -issues, progress made, what do AS want out of ASC

            -a keynote speaker

            -a change of venue

            -music performance

            -create a planning committee for the meeting 

Chancellor’s Proposal

            Meeting tomorrow: there are four possible scenarios, growth and access is

            just one of them


            -Housing waiting list – if we don’t have space for students should we be

            looking for more

            -need more faculty, facilities, services

            -what affect will a lack of these things have on retention rates?

Chair’s Report

            Attended the Regent Dinner last Thursday

            The Taxpayer Protection Amendment did not pass the Senate

            Spector memo – still waiting for the AS version

            Pay Plan – compensation – additional 1.25% wage adjustmen 

SAH Dean Search and Screen

            An email was sent out earlier today declaring it a failed search

            The Faculty Senate execs will be meeting on Thursday to discuss what

            has happened

            The Chair spoke to Bob Hoar, who was the Chair of the Search and

            Screen.  He said:

                        -the committee followed their rules and regulations from the


                        -they put forth one or more names to the Provost for hire

                        -the Provost called the committee in and asked them to expand

                        the list

                        -The committee felt they would have to change their procedures to

                        do so, so they didn’t forward any new names

            A two year interim dean has been named.  Chair Karpinsky will be

            speaking the Chair of Faculty Senate and the AS Reps from the Search

            and Screen committee.

            A joint meeting between AS, Faculty and those in charge of the Search

            and Screen was suggested

Motion to express appreciation for a job well done to June Reinert, Marcia Johnson-Sage and Guy Herling


Presentation of appreciation certificates

Meeting Adjourned at 4:00pm.