Minutes: September 23, 2003

  1. Call to order 3:00pm.
  2. Welcome and introduction of Council Members for 2003-2004.
  3. Recognition of past Council Members – Wayne Jacobson, Bill Graumann, and Lori Petersen.  Lori and Bill were unable to attend. 
  4. Presentation of Excellence Awards to Joel Chilsen and Deon Nontelle by Chancellor Hastad, with an introduction on the selection process by Carla Burkhardt.
  5. Provost Hitch requested a list of Academic Staff priorities for the new UWL Strategic Plan. 
    1. Quality learning experience in and outside of the classroom.
    2. Student development – optimum physical and mental health.
    3. Assess the array of UWL programs and services.
    4. UWL where all voices are heard and valued – students, faculty, academic staff, classified staff.
  6. Update on student initiatives through differential tuition including the following:
    1. Academic advising: hiring more peer advisors, incorporating advising into faculty and staff promotion criteria, and establishing special advising sessions for all majors.
    2. International education: more grants for curriculum development, study abroad scholarships, international research and campus programming. 
    3. Undergraduate research: expansion of the existing grant program and sustaining the faculty leadership.
    4.  Diversity initiatives: infuse more diversity into the curriculum and to continue to recruit and retain campus members of diverse backgrounds.
    5. www.uwlax.edu/tuition/FAQ.hm 
  7. Update on Planning and Budget Activities – Terry Wirkus
    1. UWL may be asked to make additional payments to the state for the next biennium.
    2. The Deans have been requested to share what they have had to adjust within their colleges and divisions in regards to budget cuts.
    3. UWL is looking to come up with a plan for how to go about cutting more in as equitable manner as possible if additional budget cuts are necessary in the future.
  8. Update on System Academic Staff Issues
    1. Lynn Weiland

                                                              i.      At the last meeting in Madison, George Brook’s pay plan proposal and an overview of UWS administration were discussed.

    1. Scott Rohde

                                                               i.      Member of President Lyell’s Compensation Advisory Committee

                                                             ii.      Discussed the new health insurance and compensation proposal.  Scott requested feedback on how academic staff feel about the proposal, so he knows whether or not to recommend this proposal to President Lyell.  A poll was taken – all but two individuals are opposed to the proposal.

  1. Tim walls shared the deadline for the Professional Development Grants – Oct. 24.  Materials can be emailed, or picked up from outside the ASC office or in HR.
  1. Non-Instructional Academic Staff can apply for career progression for a change in title/salary.  Career Progression for Non-Instructional Academic Staff is not the supervisor’s responsibility – it is up to the individual. Materials are due in HR by  Oct. 10. 
  2. Information on Academic Staff Representation Organizations ASPRO and TAUWP. These operate outside UWL on Academic Staff issues.
    1. ASPRO is a non-profit, professional organization that represents the UW-System academic staff and their interests with the State Legislature, the Governor's office, the Board of Regents, and the general public. It is not a union nor does it negotiate or bargain terms of employment. Membership is voluntary and open to both currently employed and retired staff. Dues are as follows: Active members pay 1/10th of 1% of their monthly salary (average is $3.50 to $4.00 per month), via payroll deduction. www.aspro.net/
    2. The Association of University of Wisconsin Professionals (TAUWP) is a statewide local union affiliated with the Wisconsin Federation of Teachers (WFT).   TAUWP advocates for professional issues of importance to UW faculty and academic staff. TAUWP lobbies hard to improve compensation for teaching faculty and academic staff. Annual dues are .008 times your academic year salary, payable in nine equal installments.  Dues are a maximum of $38 per month.  www2.uwsuper.edu/HPS/TAUWP/
  3. Old Business
    1. Chair Naber and Vice Chair Wirkus have actively advocated the need to have a plan for Instructional Academic Staff Career progression and also to address some of the inconsistencies in the way departments and colleges view the role of IAS at UW-L.  After dialogue with the Provost’s Office, Chair Naber and Vice Chair Wirkus learned that at UW-L, our governance group represents IAS until they have been at UW-L for 3 semesters at a 50 % or more appointment.   Then, they automatically receive the designation IAS with “Faculty Status”.  Since most of the instructors up for career progression have “faculty status”, the Faculty Senate is the governance group that could take action to clarify and improve these issues.
    2. Both Provost Hitch and Bob Hoar (faculty Senate chair) have an interest in continuing a dialogue. The ASC will continue to support the concept but the Faculty Senate will now take the leadership role in this quest.
  4. New Business
    1. The council has received a request from our Salary and Personnel subcommittee to review the administration’s decision to suspend multi-year and rolling horizon contracts. In the sub-committee’s memo they state several concerns

                                                               i.      It appears that UW-L is the only campus in system where these changes have occurred and the changes have not been equitably administered campus-wide.

                                                             ii.      This action has impacted job security and employee morale and will most likely have a long-term impact on hiring and retaining quality Academic staff.

                                                            iii.      This action compromises policies that protect Academic staff that are laid off vs. non-renewed, especially with health insurance premiums and unemployment benefits.

                                                           iv.      The changes were made without following the shared governance procedure in place for personnel policy changes.

    1. To support this request, the council will begin collaboration with administrators including the Provost’s office, HR and the Deans.  This issue has been placed on the council agenda for October 28 at 315pm in 104 wing. This will be the chance to dialogue where all voices are heard and valued.  All of you are encouraged to attend.
  1. Adjournment
    1. M/S/P  4:00pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah Westbrook, PA