Minutes: September 24, 2007

Present: Richter, Brunk, Leahy, Lo, Dodge, Burton 

Excused: Van Roosenbeek, Weiland, Robinson, Heyer, Vahala 

Meeting called to order at 1:17pm 

I. Meeting Time

Will be keeping an eye on attendance and may reconsider meeting time if there continues to lower attendance rates. 

II. Minutes

Motion to approve Lo-Brunk


III. Fall Kickoff

October 9th at 3:00pm in Cleary.  Food has been ordered. Publicity will be sent out after a speaker is determined.  Co-chair Van Roosenbeek was looking into the last Excellence recipient as a possible speaker.  Other possibilities: Sue White, Al Trapp, Chris Bakkum, Kaye Schendel, Mo McApline.  Easels: we will need a total of 9, Cleary has 4 we can use.  Brunk will bring 3 from the Advising Center.  Van Roosenbeek may be able to get them from Cartwright. Promote the event through word of mouth.  Among attendees are Chancellor Gow and Regent Smith.  Door prizes: Paul Rusesabagina tickets, Chartwells coupons, comedy tickets.  Brunk will take pictures at the event.   

IV. Professional Development

No changes to the application process this semester.  Committee has not met yet but there may be changes for the spring application process. 

V.  Committees

Committee conveners will be setting up their first meeting of the year in the next few weeks.  Salary and Personnel will be meeting on September 25th.   

VI. Career Progression

Lo and Richter attended one of the meetings last week.  Concerns were raised over the delay in notification of meeting and deadline.  If academic staff members are having problems with the deadline they need to contact Joy directly.  We will send out an email to all Academic Staff including links provided by Human Resources.  Human Resources is looking into doing workshops/brown bags on Career Progression.  HR will be putting information on their website pertaining to academic staff titles, minimum/midpoint/maximum salaries, etc. 

HR was asked if they could notify staff when they may be eligible.  Academic Staff Council could send an email reminding people they need to contact Human Resources.  We could also do a workshop on Career Progression with former Title Review committee members and others who have recently gone through the process.  Could post information on the Academic Staff Council website.   

VII. Equity

Can request a pay increase if you the scope of your job has changed, professional accomplishments, gender/racial discrepancies, or you have received a different job offer.   Possibility of increase is limited based on budget restraints.  It must be signed off on by supervisor and then goes onto the dean for approval or non-approval. 

VIII. UW Systems Representative Report

Leadership Conference will be July 17-18 in Platteville.  There is some money left over from the last few years.   

ASPRO – Look at difference between TAUWP and ASPRO.  Membership is currently declining.   

Collective Bargaining Language in the State Budget – UW-Stout passed a resolution against it.  Last year’s Council also passed a resolution against it.   Concerns among other Representatives over it.       

Ron Singer – new System liaison to the governance groups.  He would like to visit campuses to meet governance groups.  He is a member of the President’s cabinet.  Leahy will invite him to one of our meetings.   

Vice President Martin talked about Advantage Wisconsin, which is a strategic plan they are considering.  There is information about it on the minutes of the last Regent meeting.  Plan how to create more jobs, build stronger committees and increase number of graduates. 

Al Crist – talked about the Sick Leave reporting.  We need to give a response by the end of October.   

Academic Staff appointments – one year, no intention to renew.  UPG 3.05(2) says “Each institution shall review annually the type of contract and terms of any academic staff member who has served more than seven years to determine the feasibility of moving such individuals to indefinite or multiple year appointments with increased job security.  In making such a determination, the institution shall consider the continuing need for the position, funding sources and quality of employee’s performance.  Academic staff with seven years or more of service whose appointments do not provide at least two year terms shall be given the reasons upon request.  Academic staff will ten years or more of service whose appointments do not provide at least three-year terms shall be given the reasons upon request.” The Co-Chairs will be sharing this information with Chancellor Gow. 

Diversity Award for programs that have had an impact on the school or system.  It will be given out by the Regents.  We would like to nominate Awareness Through Performance.  More information will be coming out soon.  There will also be an Academic Staff Program Award. 

Diversity Climate Assessment process is starting. 

Shared Governance committee with faculty representatives, trying to get more power for the Academic Staff representatives.

Leahy cannot attend the October 11th meeting. We are looking for another Academic Staff Council member who can attend. 


Social with President Reilly this Thursday evening.  Public reception at 5:30pm.

Meeting adjourned at 2:26pm.