Elections - Spring 2014 -

ElectioinCongratulations to Richard Simms, Jenna O'Brien, Tracy Noyes who won at-large seats on the council and Cheryl Brye who will represent the Colleges.   Thanks to Cynthia Carlson and Rick Stewart for their interest in serving.  With Gratitude for their service, we wish Scott Stine, Joshua Rybaski, Aaron Koepke, and Patrick Barlow well as they leave council service.

Council member terms run for 3 years. Members attend one full council meeting a month and sit on at least one other subcommittee of the council.  Members chosen to serve as officers form the Executive council and meet the week prior to the full council meeting to set the agenda. If you have any questions about the election,  please contact us (ascouncil@uwlax.edu, pbarlow@uwlax.edu, or 785-6867)