Accounting Alumni

    Sara Hirsch attended UWL from September 2004 to December 2008. She graduated with an                 
    Accounting degree and a minor in Economics. When asked what her fondest memories were at
    UWL she replied, "I didn't know any other students when I entered UWL but I quickly felt welcomed
    on campus. UWL was everything I could have asked for out of a college education experience." After
    graduation she became a tax associate at Olsen Thielen, which is a mid size public accounting firm in
    St. Paul, MN. She is involved in many different areas of tax including: payroll, not for profit, fiduciary,
    corporate, partnership, and individuals. A little advice she leaves current UWL accounting majors is, "Do
    not hesitate to use the internship program set up at UWL. It may be hard to leave your college friends to
    do an internship for a semester, but it is totally worth it. You gain experience and figure out what you
    want to do after graduation. Not to mention it is a good opportunity to land a job and not have to search
    during your final semester of college."