Junior and Senior International Business Major

It is important to note that...

  • A study abroad/international experience of at least three weeks duration is required.  The study abroad experience requires prior approval of the International Business Advisory Committee (IBAC).  International students are considered to have met this requirement by their study at UW-L.

  • Language proficiency is considered met when the student has completed coursework through the 202 level with "C" grades, or better, in each, or "C" grade if the student starts at the 300 level.  Students whose native language is not English are considered to have met this requirement by their admission to degree study at UW-L.

International Business Major Requirements 24cr. including the Gen. Ed. course ANT/ECO/GEO/HIS/POL 202, 3 cr.

This next part of the major is usually completed over the junior and senior years.

ECO 340 - usually offered fall semester
MKT 341 - usually offered both semesters
BUS 405 - usually offered fall semester
FIN 440 - usually offered spring semester
MGT 360 - usually offered both semesters

plus any two courses from the following:  ECO 311, 375, 440; FIN 477: MKT 440, 445: MGT 408, 430, 431, 484: up to 3 cr. international internship; up to 3 cr. independent study.

A concentration of at least four courses in a business discipline is also required:  Accountancy, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing.  Courses in the concentration must be in addition to the 24 cr. required in the IB major.