Admission to Business Program

Students must be admitted to the Business Program before enrolling in 300/400 level business courses.

Applications for admission to the Business Program must be completed and submitted before mid-semester during the semester in which the student is completing the admission requirements. Normally this happens during the second semester of the sophomore year. Applications may be obtained from the CBA Dean's office.  Late applications may not be accepted.

Business Program Admission Requirements

  1. Minimum grades of "C" earned (in progress) in ECO 110, 120; ACC 221, 222; BUS 205.
  2. Completion (in progress) of at least three of the remaining five pre-business core courses. Any remaining core courses should be completed during the first semester after admission to the program.
  3. 54 or more credits earned/in progress.
  4. Cumulative GPA of 2.50 at time of application (including transfer credit grades).

Pre-Business Core Requirements

Courses in Italics satisfy both General Education and CBA core requirements. 

ENG 110 or 112 3 cr    
MTH 175 4 cr or MTH 207 (5cr) Prereq: MTH 150 or appropriate placement test scores
MTH 145 4 cr   Prereq: MTH 050 or appropriate placement test scores.
ECO 110 3 cr *    
ECO 120 3 cr *    
ACC 221 3 cr *   Prereq: 12 credit hours
ACC 222  3 cr *   Prereq: ACC 221
BUS 230 3 cr   Prereq: ENG 110 or 112 and MTH 145
BUS 205 3 cr *   Prereq: Sophomore standing, ECO 110 or 120
IS 220 4 cr    

* "C" or better required in each.

Advising Tips

  1. As soon as the class schedules are available for the next semester, make an appointment to see your advisor. Your advising appointment should be at least a week before your scheduled registration time. Feel free to seek advice during other times during the semester.
  2. Complete ENG 110 and MTH 145 as soon as possible, since they are prerequisites for other CBA core courses.
  3. ECO 110 and 120 should be completed in the Freshman year.
  4. Students should be aware of the University's Drop/Add Policies and Probation/Retention Standards as stated in the University Catalog.