change agent! 

(Photo Richard Allenby)


Annandale, NJ

UW-L Major/Minor:
Physics (Optics Emphasis)

Future Goals/Aspirations:
I hope I can raise my (future) children to be as open-minded and accepting as my parents raised me.

Favorite Activity/Hobby:
Music (playing, writing, recording, producing, listening, talking about).

Words to Live By:

Favorite ATP Memory:
"Danny is a m*****f**** pirate!" Also, being thanked by strangers who told me they could really identify with a message I got across.

When I think of Awareness through Performance, I think of...
All the amazing people I've gotten to know as a result of joining.

Involvement with ATP has had this impact on me:
I've realized one person *can* have an impact.

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