change agent!

(Photo of Angel Granger)


Platteville, WI

UW-L Major/Minor:
Recreational Therapy/ Rec. Management

Future Goals/Aspirations:
To graduate from UWL, move South, and find someone to share everything with.

Favorite Activity/Hobby:
I love reading while listening to music and spooning.

Words to Live By:
"What we are is God's gift to us, what we become is our gift to God."

Favorite ATP Memory:
I'm sure I'll have many by the end of the week!

When I think of Awareness through Performance, I think of...
Students with different views, but united by their want to not only SEE change, but BE change.

Involvement with ATP has had this impact on me:
I have made some amazing friends and I love knowing that I am making people think twice about their actions and the actions of others.

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