change agent!

(Photo of Jeffery Steele unavailable)


Fox Lake, WI

UW-L Major/Minor:
Community Health Education/Professional Writing

Future Goals/Aspirations:
Invent something, Discover something, Write a book, Discover the meaning of life (or mine at least), Do the splits, Become a falconer, Learn to play the piano, Count how many licks it really does take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop, Find true love, Fly in an airplane, Participate in a triathlon, and Achieve some great good for mankind, but have nobody know about it except for me.

Words to Live By:
"The best things in life aren't things."
-Art Buchwald

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Life is short, don't waste time worrying about what people think of you Hold on to the ones that care, in the end they will be the only ones there."

When I think of Awareness through Performance, I think of...
Changing the world one performance at a time. Change. Courage. Diversity. Believe.

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