change agent! 

(Photo of DeAndre Taylor)


Milwaukee, WI

UW-L Major/Minor:
Communciations/Political Science

Future Goals/Aspirations:
My future goal is to have my own telvision show. But I also want to be a news anchor or direct a news show. I also want to pursue a political career.

Favorite Activity/Hobby:
I love to just read a nice book and, before gas was so HIGH, I also liked to take a nice drive.

Words to Live By:
"Courage is being who you are and not caring what others think of you."

"You will have your heart broken more than once, and it gets harder every time. People that you once thought were amazing, won't turn out to be that amazing. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll cry because time is passing so fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too hard, and love like you have never been hurt. Because every minute you spend mad or upset is a minute of happiness that you will never get back."

Favorite ATP Memory:
In 1492 columbus sailed the ocean blue........ yeah something like that.

When I think of Awareness through Performance, I think of...
Friendships that were built through the common goal of making a change on our campus and world.

Involvement with ATP has had this impact on me:
It has had a positve impact. I have met some amazing people who are honest and determined in their walk.

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