you have a rightful place in this community!

I can be changed by what happens to me. I refuse to be reduced by it.
In the face of such uncertainty believe in these two things:
you are stronger than you think, and you are not alone.
-Maya Angelou

The university community is committed to maintaining a working and learning environment in which students, faculty and staff can develop intellectually, professionally, personally and socially. Such an environment must be as free from intimidation, violence, harassment, and hate/bias as a community such as ours can possibly be. Below is a list of some offices at UW-L that exist to support your rightful place here.

Affirmative Action | 131 Graff Main Hall | 785-8541
Affirmative Action provides leadership, counsel, and informational resources for all campus constituents and the larger community on issues of equal employment/educational opportunity, diversity, and inclusion. In addition, our office is responsible for tracking UW-L's progress toward meeting affirmative action goals in hiring of faculty and staff, and for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations related to employment discrimination, sexual harassment, and disability accommodations. Please see for more information.

Campus Climate | 1120 Centennial Hall | 785-5094
We strive to build a welcoming and inclusive campus climate for all. We are your resource for community building, diversity awareness training, and hate incident response. If you seek a safe space and home for dialogue, stop by our office. To learn more about our initiatives and resources to build commUNITY, visit

Counseling & Testing Center | 2106 Centennial Hall | 785-8073
Caring, Compassionate, Confidential
Our mission is to promote students’ emotional, academic, social, and cultural growth through counseling, crisis intervention, and outreach within an atmosphere of confidentiality and inclusivity.

Disability Resource Services | 165 Murphy Library | 785-6900 V/TTY
Disability Resource Services will collaborate with students with disabilities to identify, reduce, or eliminate barriers in obtaining an education within the most integrated settings possible. It also assists the campus in creating accessible, equitable, inclusive environments.

Office of International Education | 1209 Centennial Hall | 785-8016
Information coming soon.

Office of Multicultural Student Services | 1101 Centennial Hall | 785-8225
We in OMSS encourage intercultural learning and understanding. We support and promote human understanding, shared values, and respect for individual differences and similarities. We provide assistance in responding to incidents of harassment by providing personal and emotional support. Visit

Pride Center | 42 Cartwright Center | 785-8870
The Pride Center serves the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Queer Communities, Allies, and students with LGBTQ Parents.

Office of Residence Life | Eagle Hall | 785-8075
We foster respect, learning, and personal growth for all we serve though programs, citizenship, community development and well maintained, affordable living environments. If you need assistance with personal, social, emotional or academic problems, please contact your RA or your Hall Director/Assistant Hall Director. Visit for more information.

Student Life | 149 Graff Main Hall | 785-8062
We serve as an advocate for all students regarding personal, social, emotional, or academic problems. We respond to hate incidents, sexual assaults, racial harassment, or harassment based on one’s sexual orientation. We provide conflict resolution and investigation of student complaints and grievances. Visit for more information.

Student Support Services | 2131 Centennial | 785-8535
Student Support Services’ (SSS) mission is to provide personal, academic, and career support services for first generation, low income, and students with disabilities.  SSS provides assistance to increase retention and graduation rates, as well as foster an institutional climate supportive of student success, which will maximize their university experience and remove barriers.

Violence Prevention | 149 Graff Main Hall | 785-5126
Anyone can become a victim of sexual assault, relationship violence, or stalking. The Violence Prevention Office assists UW-L students, faculty and/or staff who experience any of these forms of interpersonal violence. Please visit us on the web at

Wellness Resource Center | 149 Graff Main Hall | 785-8977
We promote all dimensions of health through advocacy, education, and programming. Coalition building, collaboration with other campus organizations, and serving as a resource for students, faculty, and staff are important characteristics of our office. If you have a passion for health promotion, please contact our office.

University Police | Non-Emergency 789-9000 | Emergency 789-9999
We work with students, faculty, and staff to reduce crime on campus and to professionally respond to it when it occurs. We protect the rights of persons while providing an open and accessible department to all 24 hours a day.

Campus Operator | 785-8000
This central switchboard is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist people in connecting to university resources. If you are not sure who to contact regarding a need, we can help.

24 Hour Crisis Intervention | From Regular Phone: 211 | From Cell Phone: 1-800-362-8255