Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In what ways can I make a payment on my account?

You may pay your account via the web, mail, or by check or cash at the Cashier’s Office window. We do not accept payments over the phone. If you mail in a check, please make sure your student ID number is included on the front of the check. Through the web, you can pay with a credit/debit card or by electronic check. Please note, there is a 2.75% convenience fee when using your debit/credit card. When using the electronic check option, you will need to provide the account number and routing number associated with the account you will be paying from. You will have the option to save your account details on your WINGS for future payments. Don’t worry; you are the only person that can see the saved accounts.  

Q: How is my tuition billed?

If you have settled on the number of credits that you will be taking, you will find the amount in the schedule of tuition fees maintained by the Cashier's Office. The fee schedule for each semester is found under Tuition Costs and Billing Info.  

Q: My account shows I have a balance, but there is not a bill. Why?

A statement is generated once per month. If you have recent charges on your account that are not on a previous statement, they will be included on the next statement. Note, the first billing statement of each semester is generated around the tenth day of class. These statements can be found on your WINGS account.

Q: I received a scholarship, what should I do with it?

If the scholarship is paid to the order of both you and the university, endorse the back of the check. Make sure your student ID number is written somewhere on the front of the check, and then please bring/mail all supporting documents along with the check to the Cashier’s Office. The scholarship will be on your account when it is accepted and disbursed by financial aid. If the scholarship is funding an incoming semester that has not yet begun, it will be disbursed around the first day of classes with all other financial aid.

Q: I have money on my One account I would like to use to pay my bill. How do I do it?

You can use your One Account to pay for your bill electronically through either the Credit/Debit card or Electronic Check option. To get the routing and account number to make an E-Check payment, you will need to open a statement in your HigherOne account. You may also withdraw cash from an ATM from your account and bring it to the Cashier’s window. There is an ATM for One Account holders in the Cartwright Center.

Q: What are segregated fees and why do I pay for these fees if I do not use what they fund?

The term “Segregated University Fee(s)” describes charges in addition to instructional fees that are assessed to all students for services, programs, and facilities that support the primary mission of the university. Segregated fee funding is designed to provide funds for recreational, cultural, and leisure activities and groups that are not funded through other state appropriations. Segregated fees are not designed to be user fees, but are intended to contribute to the richness of the university community. Because segregated fees are not intended to be user fees, they function more like a tax. Students do have some control over where these fees are distributed. Segregated fees are allocated to groups using the Student Association committee structure. The Apportionment Committee develops the segregated fee budget and the Student Senate finalizes the approval. If you have additional questions regarding segregated fees please call University Centers at 608-785-8888. You can view detailed information at

Q: How much do I owe for tuition and fees?

If you have settled on the number of credits that you will be taking, you will find the amount in the Fee Schedule maintained by the Cashier's Office. Once the semester has started, you can also view your current semester fees through WINGS. For more information please visit Tuition and billing,

Q: I'm from Minnesota and I was charged non-resident fees. Why?

·  It is the student’s responsibility to apply for the Reciprocity Agreement. Reciprocity is not automatic. The State of Minnesota grants reciprocity on the basis of the application provided by the student. Students must apply online at You may fill out the application online and submit it, or there is an option to print off the application and send it in.

·  Those who do not apply or are not approved will be required to pay non-resident rates.

Q: How do I receive my financial aid?

Most financial aid is directly applied against your charges on your student account. Once financial aid is applied, it will appear on your tuition bill. If you are expecting your financial aid to overpay your tuition and fees, these funds will be disbursed to you based on the preference you chose when you activated your Tower One Card.

For more information on refund preferences and your card, visit

Q: My parents have a PLUS loan. How should we pay tuition and fees?

PLUS loan proceeds are sent either electronically or by paper check to the university. This will depend on the option chosen when the loan application was completed. PLUS loans that are sent electronically will be applied directly to the student bill and any overpayment will be refunded directly to the student. PLUS loans sent via paper check will be mailed to the parents’ home address. Parents should then send a personal check to the University before the assigned due date.

Q: If I drop credits, what happens to my financial aid?

Any reduction in the amount of your tuition/fees for the semester is apt to affect your financial aid package. You should contact the Financial Aid Office as soon as you discover that your tuition/fees will be changed.

Q: A 3rd Party sponsor is paying my tuition. How do I get a refund?

In general, the sponsor will be billed after the first two weeks of classes have ended. You will receive a refund for any excess tuition/fees amount on your account. The refund process will begin only after the check from your sponsor has been received in the Cashier's Office and applied to the student's account. Refunds are disbursed to you based on the preference you chose when you activated your Tower One Card. For more information on your refund preferences and your card visit

Q: My Credit/Debit Card has a large enough available balance to pay my tuition. Why is my payment being declined?

Many Credit/Debit cards have a transaction or daily limit on them to help prevent fraud. Try entering a smaller payment amount. All "One Account" holders have a $2500 daily limit.