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    CATL Course Makeover
    Wednesday, January 14, 2015, 9:00am - 4:00 pm, 150-153 Murphy

     Instructors are invited to register for the CATL Course Makeover to be held January 14, 2015.
     During a semester it can be difficult to make changes to our syllabus, instruction, assignments and assessments in our classes. After the semester ends, we typically look back on what worked well and what might be improved, where students made progress and where they seemed to struggle. For many of us, the time between semesters is an opportunity to regroup and revise our teaching materials. Whether we seek to improve students' changes for success and clarify our expectations or to avoid pitfalls and minimize confusion, now is our change, as reflective practitioners, to retool.

     On January 14, 2015 CATL will hold a Course Makeover.  Here's how it works:

    1. You identify something in one of your classes you would like to revise such as: your syllabus, a list of your learning objectives, directions for class activities, a set of assignments guidelines, or student assessments.  You bring an editable version of this teaching material to the session -- along with your computer.
    2. After an overview of general instructional design principles and available resources, you make revision plans and get feedback from other instructors on your ideas.
    3. You start making revisions.  As questions arise you share them with fellow instructors or one of the consultants who will be on hand. Refreshments and plenty of coffee will be provided to fuel your progress.
    4. You leave the session with a revision of your chosen teaching material.
    5. This combination of dedicated work-time, feedback, and on-demand consultation is likely to help us be productive and, in the end, feel more prepared for the coming semester.