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    Course Review and Revision 3: Getting Students Ready for Assignments
    Thursday, April 23, 2:15-3:40pm, 153 Murphy Library
    Kristin Koepke, Instructional Designer, CATL

    This session will discuss considerations for scaffolding student learning that may impact the assignments and assessments explored in Part 2 ("Refreshing Your Assignments and Assessments"). Participants will investigate various types of in-class practice activities to help scaffold student learning. During the session, participants will design or redesign an in-class activity to be more aligned with assignment expectations.

    Science of Learning Seminar 6: Metacognition and Self-Regulation
    Friday, April 24, 3:00-4:15 p.m., 153 Murphy Library
    Bill Cerbin, CATL Director

    As students progress through school we expect them to become less dependent on teachers and to become more independent learners. This does happen, but not in all the ways we would hope. Many college students seem to be unaware of effective learning strategies, how to approach complex tasks, gaps are in their knowledge and skills, and how to evaluate and improve their own learning. This session examines metacognition and self-regulation as important components of independent learning. We will examine how teachers can promote the kind of self-regulation that leads to better learning.