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    As a service to College of Liberal Studies faculty and staff, a number of literary works are available for loan. Please visit 235 Morris Hall for availability. 

    Works by College of Liberal Studies Faculty and Staff


    Modern Motherhood: An American History

    By Jodi Vandenberg-Daves
    Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    Rutgers University Press (2014)
    Copies: 1

    Human Adaptation

    Human Adaptation in the Upper Mississippi Valley: A Study of the Pammel Creek Oneota Site (47Lc61) La Crosse, Wisconsin 

    In The Wisconsin Archeologist (Volume 70, Numbers 1–2. March–June 1989)
    By Constance M. Arzigian, Robert F. Boszhardt, James L. Theler, Roland L. Rodell, and Michael J. Scott
    Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center/Department of Sociology & Archaeology 
    The Wisconsin Archeological Society (1989)
    Copies: 1

    Midwestern Pastoral

    The Midwestern Pastoral: Place and Landscape in Literature of the American Heartland

    By William Barillas 
    Department of English
    Ohio University Press (2006)
    Copies: 1

    Rock Art

    Deep Cave Rock Art in the Upper Mississippi Valley

    By Robert F. Boszhardt
    Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center/Department of Sociology & Archaeology
    Prairie Smoke Press (2003)

    Near East

    The Ancient Near East: Historical Sources in Translation

    Edited by Mark W. Chavalas
    Department of History
    Blackwell Publishing Ltd (2006)
    Copies: 1

    Criticism and Lacan

    Criticism & Lacan: Essays and Dialogue, Structure, and the Unconscious

    Edited by Patrick Colm Hogan and Lalita Pandit
    Department of English
    The University of Georgia Press (1990)
    Copies: 1

    Language Arts

    Language Arts and Literacy in the Middle Grades: Planning, Teaching, and Assessing Learning (Second Edition)

    By Margaret J. Finders and Susan Hynds
    School of Education/Department of English
    Pearson Education, Inc. (2007)
    Copies: 1


    Trivializing Teacher Education: The Accreditation Squeeze

    By Dale D. Johnson, Bonnie Johnson, Stephen J. Farenga, and Daniel Ness
    Department of Educational Studies
    Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. (2005)
    Copies: 1

    High Stakes

    High Stakes: Poverty, Testing, and Failure in American Schools (Second Edition)

    By Dale D. Johnson and Bonnie Johnson
    Department of Educational Studies
    Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. (2006)
    Copies: 1

    Citizen Environmentalists

    Citizen Environmentalists

    By James Longhurst
    Department of History
    University Press of New England (2010)
    Copies: 1

    Wankarani Settlement Systems

    Wankarani Settlement Systems in Evolutionary Perspective: A Study in Early Village-Based Society and Long-Term Cultural Evolution in the South-Central Andean Altiplano

    By Timothy L. McAndrews
    Department of Sociology & Archaeology
    University of Pittsburgh Latin American Archaeology Publications (2005)
    Copies: 1

    What to do

    Majoring in Psych?: Career Options for Psychology Undergraduates (Fifth Edition)

    By Betsy L. Morgan and Ann J. Korschgen
    Department of Psychology
    Pearson Education, Inc. (2013)
    Copies: 1


    Groups: A Users’s Guide

    By Carol K. Oyster
    Department of Psychology
    The McGraw Hill Companies, Inc. (2000)
    Copies: 1

    Case Study

    A Case Study of the American Indian Boarding School Movement: An Oral History of Saint Joseph’s Indian Industrial School

    By Sarah Shillinger
    Institute of Ethnic and Racial Studies
    The Edwin Mellen Press (2008)
    Copies: 1

    Female Revealer

    The ‘Female Revealer’ in Beloved, Jazz, and Paradise: Syncretic Spirituality in Toni Morrison’s Trilogy”

    By Sharon Jessee
    (In Toni Morrison and the Bible
    Department of English
    Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. (2006)
    Copies: 1


    Perspectives on Violence and Violent Death

    Edited by Robert G. Stevenson and Gerry R. Cox 
    Department of Sociology & Archaeology
    Baywood Publishing Company, Inc. (2008)
    Copies: 1

    Religious Function

    The Sacred Journey: The Religious Function of Nature Motifs in Selected Works by Peter Rosegger

    By Dean Garrett Stroud
    Department of Modern Languages
    Verlag Hans-Dieter Heinz, Akademischer Verlag Stuttgart (1986)
    Copies: 1

    Historical Research Guide

    A Guide to Historical Research through the National History Day Program

    Edited by Jodi Vandenberg-Daves 
    Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    National History Day (2006)
    Copies: 1

    Sui Sin Far

    Sui Sin Far/Edith Maude Eaton: A Literary Biography

    By Annette White-Parks
    Department of English
    University of Illinois Press (1995)
    Copies: 1

    Digital Condition

    The Digital Condition: Class and Culture in the Information Network

    By Rob Wilkie
    Department of English
    Fordham University Press (2011)
    Copies: 1

    Burnham Site

    The Burnham Site in Northwestern Oklahoma: Glimpses Beyond Clovis?

    Edited by Don G. Wyckoff, James L. Theler, and Brian J. Carter 
    Department of Sociology & Archaeology
    Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History and Oklahoma Anthropological Society, Memoir 9 (2003)
    Copies: 1

    Race and Foundations

    Race and the Foundations of Knowledge

    Edited by Joseph Young and Jana Evans Braziel
    Department of English
    University of Illinois Press (2006)
    Copies: 1

    Works on Higher Education Administration

    Leading in a Culture of Change

    Leading in a Culture of Change

    By Michael Fullan
    John Wiley & Sons (2001)
    Copies: 1

    Performance Evaluation

    Performance Evaluation: Proven Approaches for Improving Program and Organizational Performance

    By Ingrid J. Guerra-López
    John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (2008)
    Copies: 1

    Department Chair

    The Department Chair as Academic Leader

    By Irene W.D. Hecht, Mary Lou Higgerson, Walter H. Gmelch, and Allan Tucker
    The American Council on Education and The Oryx Press (1999)
    Copies: 1

    Departmental Leadership

    Strengthening Departmental Leadership: A Team-Building Guide for Chairs in Colleges and Universities

    By Ann F. Lucas
    Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers (1994)
    Copies: 1

    Leading Academic Change

    Leading Academic Change: Essential Roles for Department Chairs

    By Ann F. Lucas and Associates
    Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers (2000)
    Copies: 1

    Planning and Assessment

    Planning and Assessment in Higher Education: Demonstrating Institutional Effectiveness

    By Michael F. Middaugh
    John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (2010)
    Copies: 1

    Strategic Planning in Higher Ed

    Collaborative Strategic Planning in Higher Education

    By Patrick Sanaghan
    NACUBO (2009)
    Copies: 1

    Department Chair

    The Department Chair: New Roles, Responsibilities and Challenges
    ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report No. 1

    By Alan T. Seagren, John W. Creswell, and Daniel W. Wheeler
    The ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education (1993)
    Copies: 1

    Administrative Portfolio

    The Administrative Portfolio: A Practical Guide to Improved Administrative Performance and Personnel Decisions

    By Peter Seldin and Mary Lou Higgerson
    Anker Publishing Company, Inc. (2002)
    Copies: 1

    Effective Efficient Professor

    The Effective, Efficient Professor: Teaching, Scholarship and Service

    By Phillip C. Wankat
    Allyn and Bacon (2002)
    Copies: 1

    Great Brain

    The Great Brain Race: How Global Universities are Reshaping the World

    By Ben Wildavsky
    Princeton University Press (2010)
    Copies: 1

    Addictive Org

    The Addictive Organization: Why We Overwork, Cover Up, Pick Up the Pieces, Please the Boss & Perpetuate Sick Organizations

    By Anne Wilson Schaef and Diane Fassel
    Harper & Row, Publishers (1988)
    Copies: 1

    Works on Diversity

    Achieving Faculty Diversity

    Achieving Faculty Diversity: Debunking the Myths

    By Daryl G. Smith with Lisa E. Wolf and Bonnie E. Busenberg
    Association of American Colleges and Universities (1996)
    Copies: 1

    Diversifying the Faculty

    Diversifying the Faculty: A Guidebook for Search Committees

    By Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner
    Association of American Colleges and Universities (2002)
    Copies: 1

    Beyond a Dream

    Beyond a Dream Deferred: Multicultural Education and the Politics of Excellence

    Edited by Becky W. Thompson and Sangeeta Tyagi 
    University of Minnesota Press (1993)
    Copies: 1

    Gender Equity

    Gender Equity or Bust!: On the Road to Campus Leadership with Women in Higher Education®

    Edited by Mary Dee Wenniger and Mary Helen Conroy
    Jossey-Bass Inc. (2001)
    Copies: 1