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  • Strategic Initiatives

    College Committees

    Academic Oversight Committee
    The Academic Oversight Committee is the standing committee in the college that reviews, evaluates and formally approves new programs housed within CLS (majors, minors, emphases, certificate programs, etc.) and CLS core and degree program requirements. The committee's larger roles are to maintain and safeguard the integrity of the CLS-related programs as is appropriate for the diverse needs of the college and to encourage pedagogical, interdisciplinary and programmatic innovations in the college. Materials to be reviewed by the committee should be submitted to the chair in the format used by UCC.

    Committee Members:                                                                    
    David Anderson, Sociology/Archaeology
    Regina Goodnow, Political Science/Public Administration
    Julia Johnson, College of Liberal Studies Dean's Office
    Sandy Keller, College of Liberal Studies Dean's Office
    Pat Stovey, History
    Karen Terpstra, Art
    Rob Wilkie, English

    Contact: Julia Johnson, Ph.D.,

    Assessment Committee
    The Assessment Committee advises the college on matters of assessment, including the review of program/departmental annual assessment plans and reports and biennial reports.

    Committee Members:
    Tim Dale, Political Science/Public Administration
    Bryan Kopp, English
    Charles Martin-Stanley, College of Liberal Studies Dean's Office
    Brad Nichols, Art

    Contact: Charles Martin-Stanley, Ph.D.,

    Diversity Committee
    The Diversity Committee is a standing committee that advises the dean on matters of diversity affecting the College and facilitates the development of curriculum, teaching, research, and service on diversity issues.

    Committee Members:
    Richard Breaux, Ethnic and Racial Studies
    Laurie Cooper-Stoll, Sociology/Archaeology
    Deb Hoskins, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
    Julia Johnson, College of Liberal Studies Dean's Office
    Gita Pai, History
    Ayesha Patnaik, Communication Studies
    William Stobb, English
    Amy Wolff, Communication Studies

    Contact: Julia Johnson, Ph.D.,



    Recruitment and Retention Committee
    The Recruitment and Retention Committee serves as an advisory committee to the dean on matters related to the recruitment and retention of faculty, staff, and students. In an advisory capacity, the committee assists in the development and implementation of plans, strategies, programs, and activities that support, facilitate, and enhance the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff, and students.

    Jennifer Butler-Modaff, Communication Studies
    Tony Docan-Morgan, Communication Studies
    Natalie Eschenbaum, English
    Katy Kortenkamp, Psychology
    Charles Martin-Stanley, College of Liberal Studies Dean's Office
    Beth Pogreba, Educational Studies
    Adam Van Liere, Political Science/Public Administration
    Julie Weiskopf, History

    Contact: Charles Martin-Stanley, Ph.D.,

    Recognition of Excellence Committee
    The Recognition of Excellence Committee reviews excellence award nominations for undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty and selects the honorees.
    The committee is comprised of the two CLS Associate Deans and three CLS Department Chairs.

    Contact: Julia Johnson, Ph.D.,

    Sabbatical Committee
    Reviews all sabbatical leave proposals from the College of Liberal Studies faculty.
    Conducts interviews with sabbatical leave proposers.
    Assesses the strengths and weaknesses of all CLS sabbatical proposals.

    Committee Members:
    Emily Johnson, Psychology
    Julia Johnson, College of Liberal Studies Dean's Office
    Gary Konas, English
    Charles Martin-Stanley, College of Liberal Studies Dean's Office
    Jennifer Terpstra, Art

    Contact: Co-Chairs - Charles Martin-Stanley, Ph.D., and Julia Johnson, Ph.D.,

    Questions regarding CLS Public Relations?

    Contact: Julia Johnson, Ph.D., Director of the School of Arts & Communication,
    CLS Organizational Chart
    CLS 2013-2014 Annual Report to the College