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  • Angela's plans

    Animals That Live in Trees



    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    A variety of animals make their homes in trees.  We may have seen some of these animals on our hike through the marsh!

    Who Lives in a Tree?   by Susan Canizares

    We will make a list of the animals that live in trees.

    We will work together as a large group to create a collage of the different animals that live in trees. 


    Many types of birds live in trees and build their nests there.

    The Busy Tree  by Jennifer Ward

    "Birds in a Tree"

    We will use pipe cleaners and cheerios to make our own bird feeders for the birds.  We will hang them outside our window and watch for the birds to eat them.


    Squirrels live in trees.  Squirrels build nests in trees.

    A Tree Can Be  by Judy Nayer

    "Gray Squirrel"


    We will use tongs to feed acorns to some squirrels.


    Animals build their homes and live in different parts of the tree.

    A Tree For Me  by Nancy Van Laan

    We will go on a walk around campus to look for nests and walk to our tree to see if any animals have made their home there.




    Grandpa and Grandma will come to make root beer with us.  We'll enjoy a pajama party too!! 

    Changes to the Environment

    The dramatic play area will feature a tree house with animal puppets.  For art we will do some feather painting.  We will build using the tree house blocks and forest animals for construction play.  For sensory play we will play with plastic birds and scoops in some bird seed.  For small motor play we will plant trees and make animal tracks in playdough and for large motor play we will rake leaves at our class tree.

    Special Notes