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  • Angela's plans




    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Many flowers and plants start to grow in the spring.

    "Flower, stem, leaves…"

    Planting a Rainbow  by Lois Ehlert

    We will create flowers using pattern blocks and paint.


    It rains often in the spring. The rain helps plants and flowers grow!

    Rain  by Linda Ashman

    We will create our own umbrellas using coffee filters, markers, and water.


    Insects come out in the spring.

    "Here is the Beehive"

    Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!  By Bob Barner

    We will make ladybugs with tissue paper and glue.


    Many animals are born in the spring.

    "5 Little Ducks"

    Countdown to Spring  by Janet Schulman

    We will match the numbers on spring animals.


    It is windy during the spring.

    The Wind Blew  by Pat Hutchins

    We will blow paint on paper using straws!

    Changes to the Environment

    We will open a flower shop for dramatic play. For art play, we will paint with pom-poms and clothespins. We will look for seeds, animals, and bugs in dirt for sensory play. We will build kites for construction play and we will sort seeds for small motor play. For large motor play, we will move like different spring animals.