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  • Angela's plans


    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Trees change with the seasons.

    It Could Still Be a Tree  by Allan Fowler

    We will use Q-tips and fall paint colors to create a page for our new bedtime book bag. 


    Different types of trees give us different products.  Maple trees give us sap that is used to make maple syrup.

    From Maple Syrup to Tree  by Melanie Mitchell

    We will work together as a large group to make waffles and top them off with some maple syrup.


    Many types of fruits grow on trees including: apples, peaches, pears, cherries, lemons, and oranges.

    Fruits have seeds.

    Treats from a Trees by

    Susan Canizares

    "Going to a Tree"

    "Way Up High in the Apple Tree"

    We'll make a list of what types of food grow on trees.  We will work together as a group to make our own fruit salad using fruits that grow on trees.


    Paper is made from trees.  We use many kinds of paper every day.

    Tree to Paper  by Inez Synder

    We will make a collage using different kinds of paper.


    Under the bark is wood. People use wood from trees to make different products.

    This is The Tree House That Jack Built  

    We will sort wooden products from those not made of wood. 

    We will use pieces of cardboard and woodsies to make sculptures.  We will experiment with different types of items made from trees and see which ones sink and which ones float.

    Changes to the Environment

    The dramatic play area will feature a bird observatory.  For art we will do some dish sponge painting with fall colors.  We will build using the table blocks, forest animals, and trees for construction play.  For sensory play we will play with plastic birds and scoops in some bird seed.  For small motor play we will play with the wooden pegs and peg boards and for large motor play we will play with the parachute and leaves.

    Special Notes