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  • Angela's plans

    My Neighborhood



    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    We will be closed for Memorial Day.


    Some people travel by bus in their neighborhoods.

    “The Wheels on the Bus”

    My Bus by Byron Barton

    We will walk through campus and make a graph of the bus stops we count.


    People often visit parks and spend time outdoors in their neighborhoods.

    “Pack a Picnic Basket”

    My Picnic Basket by Nancy Parent

    We will visit our tree today for a picnic snack and to play some outdoor games.


    Sometimes people have parties with the people in their neighborhoods.

    We will join the rest of the children and our families for a picnic in the garden today.


    Many neighborhoods have restaurants where people eat.

    We will go to Rudy’s Drive In for lunch today.

    Changes to the Environment

    The dramatic play area will be a pet shop. For art we will color with chalk.  We will use play dough for sensory play and we will build with the foam blocks for construction play.  For small motor play we will work on puzzles and we will play outdoors for large motor play.

    Special Notes

    Please sign the permission slip if your child will be here on Friday.

    Have a fantastic summer!