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    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    We have many friends at school.  Our friends are special and unique to us.

    Friends at School   by Rochelle Bunnett

    "We Have a Friend"

    We will work together to make a friendship quilt gluing paper squares on paper.  We will work as a group to develop our class rules.


    Friends cooperate with one another.  Friends can work together to complete a task and make great things happen.

    I'm a Good Friend   by David Parker

    "Do You Know This Friend of Mine?"

    We will work in pairs and help one another walk across the balance beam.


    Sharing with a friend means giving something to a friend and keeping some for you.

    Share and Take Turns   by Cheri J. Meiners

    "Do You Know This Friend of Mine?"

    Each friend in our group will add a favorite snack to our friendship snack mix.  We will enjoy the trail mix together at morning snack.


    We are like our friends in some ways and different in other ways (skin tone, names, eye color, etc.)

    Friends   by Elaine Scott

    "Will You Be a Friend of Mine"

    We will work together with our friends to make a handprint mural.


    Friends are kind to one another.  Being a good friend means taking turns. We can use our words to solve our problems.

    Talk and Work it Out  by Cheri J. Meiners

    "If Your Friendly and You Know It"


    We will practice turn taking by rolling a ball back and forth with our friends.

    Changes to the Environment

    We will enjoy a tea party with fancy dress up clothes for dramatic play.  For art play we will do some partner painting at the easels. We will use the peg boards for small motor play and we will use shaving cream and some small plastic people for sensory play.  We will build using the mini hollow blocks for construction play and for large motor play we will play some parachute games with our friends.

    Special Notes