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  • Angela's plans

    I Spy



    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Letters are all around us.  Letters make up our names and the words that we read in books.



    I Spy Letters

    We will go on a scavenger hunt to look for letters in the center and in the REC.


    We spy numbers.  We can count many things.

    I Spy Numbers


    "This Old Man"

    We will decorate a page for our number book.  We will make a counting snack as a large group.


    We spy colors all around us.

    Eye Spy Colors  by Debbie Mackinnon

    "Little Mouse, Little Mouse"

    We will mix colored slime together today and see what new colors we get.


    Wheels are round.  Wheels help people get from one place to another.

    I Spy Wheels


    We will roll cars down a big ramp after dipping them in paint.


    We spy shapes all around us.  We can spy circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles.

    Eye Spy Shapes  by Debbie Mackinnon

    We will make collages using a variety of shapes.

    Changes to the Environment

    The dramatic play area will become an eye glasses shop and for art play we will paint with water colors.  For sensory play we will use magnifiying glasses to look for objects hidden in the rice table and we will play with magnet tiles for construction play.  For small motor play we will use tongs and koosh balls.  For large motor play we will toss colored bean bags into small, medium, and large buckets.