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  • Angela's plans

     Our Favorite Things


    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    We can use cookie cutters to make shapes in dough.

    Mr. Cookie Baker

    "The Cookie Jar People"

    We will use cookie cutters with cinnamon dough.


    We love our tree and enjoy seeing the changes there.

    The Busy Tree

    "Do You Know Who Lives in a Tree"

    We will walk to our tree to see the changes since our last visit.  We will take binoculars to look for birds.


    Sometimes friends do things together just for fun. 

    I'll use wash cloth puppets to tell "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?"

    We will tissue paper squares to make our own Brown Bear Book.


    Sometimes colors mix to make a new color.

    Storytelling: Mouse Paint

    We will use mice to mix paint colors to make a new color.


    Vehicles have wheels.  The wheels go round and round to help the vehicle move.

    Down by The Station  by Jennifer Riggs Vetter

    "Little Red Wagon"

    We will drive cars dipped in paint down wooden ramps.

    Changes to the Environment

    Our dramatic play area will feature a baby nursery. For art this week we will paint with bingo markers.  We will play with scoops, noodles, and pipe cleaners in the sensory table and we will build train tracks on the train table for construction play.  For small motor play we will work with toothpicks in Styrofoam and we'll crawl through an obstacle course for large motor play.

    Special Notes