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    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Trees have many parts.

    Trees start as seeds.

    From Acorn to Oak Tree  by Jan Kottle

    We will make a list of what we know about trees.

    We will explore a seedling.  We will make dough sculptures today adding items we would find at a tree.


    Trees have bark on their trunks to protect them.  The trunk supports the tree.  The roots provide food, and water to the tree and help it stay upright

    Little Acorn Grows Up  by Edward Gibbs

    We will walk around campus today and pick our class trip.  We will start a week long art project at our tree by making some bark rubbings on paper.  We will pop bubbles by our tree and play a game of "Change Trees". 


    Branches, limbs, and twigs grow on trees.

    "Did You Ever See a Tree?"

    It Could Still Be a Tree

    We will continue working on our week long art project.  Today we will paint with twigs on the bark rubbings we made yesterday.


    Leaves grow on branches.  In the fall the leaves fall from the trees.

    Leaves  by Kristin Ward


    "Five Little Leaves"


    We will complete our multiday art project by scrunching leaves and gluing them onto our paper.


    Leaves change color in the fall.  Different trees have different leaves.

    Marsh Mountain  by Marianne Berkes

    "There Was a Tree"

    We will take a field trip with Dawn's Group to the marsh at Myrick Park to see a variety of trees. 

    Changes to the Environment

    We will enjoy a tree house for dramatic play.  For art we will marble paint with fall colors.  We will build using the birch blocks and plastic trees for construction play and for large motor play we will dance with leaf wands.  For sensory play we will use scoops to play in wood shavings.  For small motor play we will play a matching game and we'll match leaves by size and color.

    Special Notes

    If you will be joining us on Friday please be sure to sign the permission slip.