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  • Angela's plans




    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Colors are all around us.  Blue, yellow, and red are primary colors.  These are some of the colors that we can mix to make other colors.

    Bears Love Colors

    Flannel board: "Little Mouse, Little Mouse"

    We will conduct a magic milk experiment with different colors and make a batch of rainbow toast. 


    Red and yellow mixed together make the color orange.

    White Rabbit's Color Book by Alan Baker


    We will experiment with what happens when we use eye droppers to drop yellow and red vinegar water on piles of baking soda.


    Sometimes you can create new colors by mixing two colors together.  Yellow and blue mixed together make the color green.

    Little Blue and Little Yellow  by Leo Lionni

    We will conduct a walking water experiment with yellow and blue water.

    We will knead "Surprise Dough" with our hands.  What color did we get?


    Colors come in many shades. They become lighter when you add white, and they become darker when you add black.

    Colors by Harry N. Abrams

    We will play a memory game using different colors and different shades. We will experiment with white and black to make our prime colors lighter and darker.


    The color purple is made by mixing red and blue.

    Prop story of Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

    "Little Red Wagon"

    We will paint on paper with a partner.  Each of us will get to use a rubber mouse to do the mixing.

    Changes to the Environment

    The dramatic play area will feature housekeeping.  For art play we will paint with bingo markers.  For sensory play we will search for colored rocks in cornmeal and sort them into muffin tins.  For construction play we'll build with colored unit blocks.  For small motor play we'll make "Rainbow Stew" by cutting and mixing brightly colored paper and we'll throw colored bean bags into buckets for large motor play.