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  • Cindy's Plans




    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Oktoberfest is a celebration of fall and sharing good time with family and friends.

    "Das What We Learn in our School-Ja! Ja!"

    We will decorate suspenders to wear for our parade on Thursday.  We will also make felt Oktoberfest dolls!


    Oktoberfest includes some traditions from Germany.

    "The Chicken Dance"
    "Oktoberfest   is a Happy Time"

    At 10:00 Grandma and Grandpa Pavela will join us to share their traditional German clothing and the story of Oktoberfest.


    People like to participate in games and scavenger hunts during Oktoberfest.

    " My Hat"

    " EI-EI-EI-O "

    We will use hot and cold clues to find our Oktoberfest medallion. We will make pretzels with Alex!


    Oktoberfest is celebrated with a parade!

    We will hear a band, banjo, and a fiddle today.

    It's our parade! Bring your camera and join the fun. We will leave the building at 9:00 a.m.


    Oktoberfest is a German holiday. Let's learn about Germany.

    We will read a fairytale that originated in Germany.

    We will conclude our week with a race! We'll make German hats to wear and encouraging signs to hold for our last day of Oktoberfest week.

    Changes to the Environment

    The dramatic play area will feature an Oktoberfest stand. We will have a sensory table filled with fall objects such as pinecones, leaves etc. Feel free to add to the table! For construction we will use wood slices, twigs, and fabric. Our fastener dolls and matching games will be out for small motor play and of course for large motor play we will be dancing to polkas and waltzes!

    Special Notes