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  • Cindy's Plans




    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    When you buy something at a store you need to use money to make the purchase.

    George's Store


    "In My Piggy Bank"

    We will read some environmental print when we read the names of some store signs we are familiar with.

    We will make felt piggy coin purses and plastic bottle piggy banks.


    Grocery stores sell a variety of foods.  Shoppers find the food separate by type at the store.


    We will make a collage of grocery store ads, sort food into food groups, and paint with produce.


    Shoppers buy groceries at a grocery store. There are many people who work in a grocery store.

    "Oh a Shopping We Will Go"

    Today is our field trip to Festival Foods. Wil's dad will give us a tour and we will use the money we collected to buy food for the Food Pantry on campus.

    Leave the center at 9:30 and return by 11:30.


    A pet store is a place that you can buy many different supplies for pets.  Some pet stores also groom pets.

    Just Me and My Puppy

    Trouble With Pets

    We Need Veterinarians

    We will play "Pet Store Bingo," work with playdough, and use the dramatic play "Pet Store" area.


    Some stores sell a variety of things. They are called Department Stores

    Corduroy in the Department Store


    Caps for Sale

    We will make crazy hats out of a large sheet of paper. We will try to balance hats on our head and walk at the same time. We will make a shopping bag book!

    Changes to the Environment

    Our dramatic play will have different stores for us to work in. For art and small motor we will make "Shopping Lists" and put together puzzles that are made from cereal boxes. In our block area we will build shopping centers and malls and add cars and plastic people. For math play we will play a number game using shopping carts and numbers.