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    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Scarecrows can show different emotions just like people.

    The Little Scarecrow Boy

    "I'm a Little Scarecrow"

    We will make a scarecrow pillow.

    We will work together as a group to stuff clothes to make three scarecrows.


    Scarecrows can be stuffed with straw. Some scarecrows are used in fields to scare crows away.

    "Crows in the Field Shoo! Crow!"

    The Three Sillies

    We will make a scarecrow snack. And of course we will make a decorative scarecrow hanging on a stick!


    There are many stories about silly scarecrows. There is also a classic movie that has a scarecrow who dances!

    The Lonely Scarecrow

    Music play today.

    We will paint scarecrows in our window and will explore fall scented play dough,  matching the scent with the picture.


    Scarecrows are a fun symbol of the harvest season.

    Pete the Scarecrow

    Today we will make black crows.

    We will pretend to be scarecrows and go hunting for crows and scare them away!


    Scarecrows can be seen inside homes and even at parties.

    When a Stranger Calls

    P.J. Party today!  We will enjoy some stations with Kate's group!  Wear your pajamas and bring an extra set of clothes.


    Changes to the Environment

    We will feature a scarecrow who changes daily for dramatic play! We will have corn and black buttons in our sensory table and for fine motor play we will use pattern blocks to build a scarecrow standing in a field. For construction play we will add farm machinery to our blocks so we can harvest our crops.

    Special Notes