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  • Cindy's Plans




    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Frogs and toads are both amphibians. They do have some differences.

    It's Mine


    Frog and Toad

    We will do a frogs vs. toads activity. We will explore smooth and bumpy and make a Venn diagram (a chart that shows how frogs and toads are the same and different). We will cut out and glue together a frog or toad.


    Frogs go through a metamorphosis starting out as an egg and growing into a frog.

    Fish is Fish


    " Five little Tadpoles"

    "Little Tadpole"

    We will use green playdough to create the life cycle of a frog (eggs, tadpole, frog).

    We will listen and move to a recording of real frogs!


    Frogs use their long sticky tongues to catch their food.

    The Big Mouth Frog


    We will make a Big Mouth Frog out of paper plates.

    We will learn frog jokes, ask us to share.

    We will use sticky contact paper to catch materials.


    Frogs have strong back legs, and large bulging eyes

    Jump Frog Jump


    "Six Little Frogs"


    We will play a game called "Froggies in the Pond" and we'll make frog food for us to eat. Yum!


    There are many kinds of frog books available. Some give us facts while others tell us stories about frogs and their friends.


    By Jonathan London

    We will make our own Froggy and play a lily pad hopping game.

    Changes to the Environment

    For dramatic play we will have a museum of frogs! There will be books, posters and much more! For sensory activities we will use our light table to look at frog blocks and make a pond. We will also make a pond using water, plastic frogs, rocks etc. For large motor we will play Leap Frog and Lily Pad Hopscotch!

    Special Notes