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  • Cindy's Plans

    Animals in the Woods



    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Nocturnal animals are animals that sleep during the day and are awake at night.

    The Hedgehog Band

    The Little Hedgehog

    We will use our cutting skills as we cut a paper plate to look like a hedgehog!

    We will make a hedgehog snack and use clay and pipe cleaners to make cute little hedgehogs!


    Owls have different parts to them such as talons, wings and a beak.

    “The Wise Old Owl”


    We will be making and coloring our own owl out of paper plates. We will also play mixing and matching games about woodland animals.


    All animals need a shelter for a house, water to drink, and food to eat. This is a habitat.


    Field trip to the Wrobel farm. We will leave the center at 8:45 and return at 11:30.

    Dress for the weather and fun on a farm!


    Animals in the woods, like deer, make their own unique tracks.

    The Mitten

    “Who’s Hiding In The Woods Today”

    We will make our own antler headbands from our handprints. We will also make animal tracks from stamps!


    Skunks spray a smelly odor when they are frightened.


    Don’t Scare a Skunk

    We will sponge paint with the color black in a large stencil and add a white tail! We will play group game that involves telling the story “A Skunk’s Surprise.”

    Changes to the Environment

    Our dramatic play area will be a Junior Ranger Station. We will close our eyes and smell a variety of scents and use our hands to feel objects in a bag for our sensory experience. For construction play we will use small woodland animals, bark, leaves, and twigs with our “Tree Blocks.” For large motor play we will play “Change Trees.”