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  • Cindy's Plans




    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    There are two types of elephants: African and Asian.





    We will be painting our elephant reading station using crumpled newspaper to create elephant wrinkles.  We will create our own elephant puppets using a paper plate and will measure how big an elephant's foot is compared to our own feet.


    African Elephants live in the deserts of Africa.



    Desert Elephants


    "Down in the Desert Where No Body Goes"



    We will go on a safari to see what life is like in the African Desert.

    We will use the water table to give elephants a mud bath.

    We will use African drums to do an elephant stomp.


    Asian Elephants live in Asia.



    Elephants Can Paint, Too.

    iPad Video: Elephant Painting

    We will paint like an elephant using our elephant puppets.

    We will use mystery boxes to compare rough and smooth objects to decide if they would feel like an African or Asian Elephant.

    We will explore the jungles of Asia in Dramatic Play.


    Elephants travel in families.




    An Elephant Grows Up

    We will make elephant tails and walk together in a "herd" in search of a water hole.

    We will create our own elephant family portraits.

    We will make elephant handprints.


    Elephants are very kind, intelligent animals.




    Smart Animals: Elephants

    We will make our own patchwork Elmer the Elephant using tissue paper.  We will create a classroom "Elephant Book" using real facts we have learned about elephants.  We will sort different safari and jungle animals.

    Changes to Environment

    There will be an Elephant Reading center where children can browse through Elephant books.  The room will be divided between Asia and Africa.  Half of the room will be representative of a desert environment, while half will represent the jungle.

    Special Notes