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  • Cindy's Plans

    Alphabet and Valentine Fun



    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    There are 26 letters in the alphabet.

    “Snip the Paper”

    Alphabet Mystery

    We will decorate special envelopes to hold messages. We will also make alphabet pencils like in our story today.



    The alphabet has capital and lower case letters.

    Alphabet Adventure

    Oh ABCD”

    Newspaper letter find! We will use a real newspaper and hunt for letters on our check list. We will make valentines for you today!


    Words are made up of letters.

    Caitlynn will bring in a special book to read today.

    We will build words using letter puzzles.  We will also go on a letter scavenger hunt around our classroom.  We will also look for letters found in different words.


    Our names are made up of letters.

    The Letters Are Lost

    Love Somebody”

    Today we will play alphabet games:

    Rainbow Letter hop, Letters in our name, etc.


    Friends and family can show love and kindness every day.

    Melanie Mouse



    Red and Pink Valentine fun day! We will have stations with Kate’s group. Wear red or pink today!

    Changes to the Environment

    We will have a Post Office and a Writing Center set up so we can write, draw and deliver mail to our friends’ mailboxes. For small motor play we will work with Alphabet Transformers and large motor play we will play on an alphabet maze and do the “Alphabet Bean Bag Rag.”