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    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Baby penguins are called "chicks."  Some chicks can be as tall as a second grader!

    Baby Penguin


    "Snowy Was His


    We'll trace our bodies and use our outline to make penguins.

    We will conduct a blubber, water, and ice experiment.


    Penguins have webbed feet. They can stay under water for 20 minutes.

    In with a Splash


    "The Penguin Dance"

    We'll make Peter penguins using a white bag.

    We will dig for penguins and blocks of ice in rice and graph how many we find.


    The King Penguin keeps an egg warm by balancing it on his feet while the mother hunts for food.

    Without You


    "Five Little Penguins"

    We'll make penguins out of shapes like a heart, oval, even a star!

    Penguin relay! We will balance eggs (balls) on our feet.


    Penguins come ashore to build their nest and raise their chicks in colonies called rookeries.

    Pango the Penguin

    Flip and Flop

    We will make a moving picture of a penguin sliding down a hill.

    Ice fishing today!


    Penguins are birds but cannot fly. They use their wings to swim in water.

    Tacky the Penguin


    We will make a funny, cool, Tacky penguin!


    Changes to the Environment

    We will have a Penguin Headquarters where we can learn and study penguins and their habitat. For art we will make penguin magnets. In our sensory table we will have ice chunks, water, and plastic penguins. We will use white paper boxes to build ice bergs and we will waddle like penguins.

    Special Notes

    Any books about penguins or plastic or stuffed penguins are welcome!