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  • Cindy's Plans

    Horses, Cowboys, and Cowgirls



    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Horses may live in a stable. Some people use saddles and bridles when they ride horses.

    "I Have a Little Pony"

    We will make hobby horses for us to ride and care for.  We will pretend to fix fence, feed the horses, and go riding!


    Cowboys and Cowgirls wear special clothes when they ride and work with horses.

    "Happy Trails to You"

    We will make hats, belts, buckles, and even bandanas to wear.  We will play a game called "Horse Shoes."


    Some horses are big. They are called heavy horses. The Clydesdale is a name of one kind of heavy horse.

    "The Old Gray Mare"

    "Sally the Camel is Not a Horse"

    We will use ribbons to decorate our heavy horse's manes. We will also measure by using horse shoes.

    We will work together as a team of horses and walk and trot in a parade!


    Cowboys and Cowgirls work together to take care of their horse ranch.

    "All the Pretty Little Ponies"

    We will play a board game of rounding up the horses and will make clothespin horses and riders.


    Cowboys and Cowgirls often ride and participate in events at a Rodeo.


    We will put on our own rodeo today with barrel races, horse jumping, throwing lassos and more! 

    Changes to the Environment

    The dramatic play area will be the Clippity Clop Horse Ranch.  For sensory play we will have a tub filled with horses, corn, fence, rocks and a watering hole! We will start a traveling horse book for your child to finish the picture. Yee Ha!

    Special Notes