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    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Trees are plants with many parts.  A tree begins as a seed and grows roots. 

    "There Was a Tree"

    Little Acorn Grows Up by Edward Gibbs

    We will look at a tree seedling today.  We will make a list of tree parts and adopt a tree on campus.


    Trees are supported by their roots and trunks.  Bark protects the trees.

    "There Was a Tree"

    Little Acorn Grows Up  by Edward Gibbs

    We will visit our tree to do a bark rubbing today.  We will collect twigs from the ground near our tree.


    Branches, limbs, and twigs grow on trees.

    "There Was a Tree"

    From Acorn to Oak Tree  by Jan Kottke

    We will use the twigs we collected from our tree and put them in order from smallest to largest.


    Leaves grow on branches.  Many leaves turn colors and fall from the tree in autumn.

    "There Was a Tree"

    Fresh Fall Leaves  by Betsy Franco

    We will paint leaves on trees using corks. We will use our paintings to make a new group book!


    There are many kinds of trees. The leaves can look very different.

    Marsh Morning  by Marianne Berkes

    "There Was a Tree"

    We will take a field trip to the marsh at Myrick Park to see a variety of trees.

    Changes to the Environment

    The dramatic play area will feature a tree house.  For art we will marble paint with fall colors and we'll use wood shavings for sensory play.  We'll build with the birch blocks in the construction area and we will plant a forest of trees in play dough for small motor play.  For large motor play we'll have a parachute leaf toss and rake some leaves.

    Special Notes

    Please sign the permission slip for Friday's field trip if your child will be attending.  Thanks!