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  • Dawn's plans

    My Neighborhood



    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Neighborhoods often have a post office.  Letter carriers deliver mail to homes and businesses.

    A Day With a Mail Carrier by Jan Kottke

    Today we will write a letter to Grandma and Grandpa Pavela and mail it at the campus mailbox.


    Many people travel by bus in their communities.

    Taking You Places: A Book About Bus Drivers  by Ann Owen
    "The Wheels on the Bus""

    We will tour campus to find and count bus stops for the city bus.


    Many neighborhoods have construction areas.

    The Lot at the End of My Block by Reg Cartwright
    "Johnny Pounds"

    We will visit the construction site on campus.


    Sometimes people have parties with the people in their neighborhoods.


    We will have a Block Party Picnic at the center at noon. Please join us for lunch.


    There can be a variety of stores in neighborhoods.

    Stores by Susan Canizares

    We will visit the campus bookstore today.

    Changes to the Environment

    The dramatic play area will feature a bakery.  For art we will work on glue stick collages and for sensory play we will work with playdough.  We will build using the unit blocks in the construction area.  We'll use the puzzles for small motor play and we will pop bubbles with different body parts for our large motor activity this week.

    Special Notes

    Dawn and Angela's groups will be together this week.