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  • Kate's Plans

    Safety on Wheels



    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities




    Closed for Memorial Day.


    Police drive cars, motorcycles, bikes and even horses to help people in need.

    Bumper to Bumper

    We will make walkie-talkies and edible stop lights.  We will also have a visit from Campus Police at 9:30.


    Ambulances are often thought of as hospitals on wheels.


    We will make our own doctor kit and pretend we are emergency workers.  Tri-State Ambulance will visit at 10:30.


    Construction vehicles can have big and small wheels.

    Alphabet Under Construction

    We will use paper and candy to make construction workers.  We will visit the construction sites on campus.


    Firetrucks are made with equipment that help put out fires.

    Fire Fighters

    We will use shapes to make a paper fire truck with straw hoses.  We will make fire fighter hats.

    Changes to the Environment

    For dramatic play we will be safety workers.  Our large motor play will be a beanbag traffic light game.  We will combine small motor and math play as we use tape and popsicle sticks to build ladders.  We will add safety vehicles to the unit blocks for construction play and use shaving cream with construction vehicles for sensory play.

    Special Notes

    Feel free to bring in books, CD's, or DVD's related to this topic.