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  • Kate's Plans



    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Turkeys are large birds. Males are called Toms and females are called Hens.

    Run, Turkey, Run

    We will create turkeys using paper plates.

    We will make special thank you cards for special people!


    Turkeys have a beak, wattle and fan.

    Tom the Turkey

    We will make some edible turkeys using cookies, candy and graham crackers.


    It is fun to dance to hoedown music.

    10 Fat Turkeys

    We will have a hoedown today!




    CLOSED for the Thanksgiving break



    CLOSED for the Thanksgiving break

    Changes to the Environment

    Dramatic play area will feature a house area. In the art area we will trace our hands and decorate them. We will use playdough for sensory play. We will work with legos for construction play. For small motor play we will play a feather and turkey color matching game. For large motor play we will follow the turkey footprints.

    Special Notes