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  • Kate's Plans




    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Grizzly bears eat fish, nuts, berries, fruit and leaves. They can go without food for months.

    Animal Lore & Legend - Bear

    We will sponge paint fish shapes.

    We will do some fishing with magnet fishing poles.


    Black bears are curious. They can be shy and easily frightened.

    Black Bear Cub



    We will decorate bear shapes.

    We will sort buttons by size and color.


    Polar bears live in the arctic. Their blubber keeps them warm.

    Polar Bears

    We will paint with blocks of ice.


    Black bears hibernate. They can go months without food.



    We will make and paint bear caves.

    We will play bear color matching games.


    Panda bears live in China. Panda bears do not hibernate.

    Chin-Chin the Panda


    We will paint with black and white paint.

    We will have a teddy graham snack.

    Changes to the Environment

    We will create a bear den for dramatic play. We will stamp with bingo markers in our art area. For sensory play we will explore shaving cream and small plastic bears. The unit blocks are available to create bear dens. We will put together ice cube blocks for small motor play. For large motor play we will go on a bear hunt.