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  • Kate's Plans

    Kindness and Giving



    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    We are kind at school.


    We will learn show how what we say can make us feel happy or sad through wrinkled hearts. We will make hearts.


    We are kind with others.

    How to Fill a Bucket

    We will decorate buckets to fill up with kindness.  


    We are thankful for what we have.


    We will discuss our thankful hands from families. We will paint grateful stones.


    We say thank-you for the things we have.

    Curious George Says Thank- You

    We will make “Thank You” posters for someone/something we appreciate.


    We can thank you by being kind.

    Give Thanks for Each Day

    We will take donations to the UWL Food Pantry to show kindness by giving back to the community.

    Changes to the


    For dramatic play, we will have a gift wrapping station. For sensory play, we will compare nice words to cotton and rough words to sandpaper.  We will practice filling up buckets for our small motor play. For construction, we are going to build blocks with a friend. For art, we will have envelopes and notes to send to a friend.

    Special Notes

    We will be taking a field trip to the UW-L Food Pantry on Friday December 4th.  Please feel free to make a donation to the jar/box on the front counter of the center.