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  • Kate's Plans




    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    We should take care of our pets, giving them food, water, love and exercise.

    I Wish I had a Pet

    We will make dog biscuits.

    We will play a dog memory game.


    Doctors who take care of animals are called veterinarians.

    "I'm a Veterinarian"

    We will pretend we are veterinarians and take care of some animals.

    We will make aquariums.


    Animals can help people. They can be their eyes, ears and hands. They can provide comfort.

    Boodil my Dog

    We will play "doggy, doggy where is your bone?"

    We will be the "eyes" for a friend and lead them to different places in our school.


    Some animals are wild and some are tame. Not all animals can be pets.

    Puppy Love

    We will play a pet bingo game.

    We will sort pictures of animals into wild or tame.


    Animal shelters help rescue pets.

    Cats and Kittens

    We will make our own animal shelter picture.

    Changes to the Environment

    Our dramatic play area will be a pet shop. Our art area will have different size paper dog bones for gluing and decorating.  We will explore feathers for sensory play. We will build animal homes with blocks for construction play. We will use our small motor skills to sort and pattern pet counters. We will be animals going through an obstacle course for large motor play.

    Special Notes