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  • Kate's Plans

    Franklin the Turtle


    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Franklin is a character in a series of stories.

    Hurry Up, Franklin

    We will make paper plate turtles.


    Turtles live mostly on land. They need air to breathe.

    Franklin's Neighborhood

    We will make an environment for turtles using rolled paper logs.


    Turtles have an upper shell and lower shell. They are connected by bridges.

    The Foolish Tortoise

    We will make egg carton turtles.


    Turtle shells are usually brown, black or green.

    Franklin in the Dark

    We will roll paper strips to make turtle shells.


    Turtles lay eggs in holes in the ground.

    Franklin's Baby Sister

    We will decorate "turtle eggs."

    Changes to the Environment

    Dramatic play will feature the housekeeping area. In the art area there will be Franklin coloring sheets available. For sensory play we will explore real turtle shells. Our block area will have small plastic turtles for construction play. We will use our small motor skills to put together plastic eggs. We will move our bodies like turtles for large motor play.

    Special Notes