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    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    A person who flies an airplane is called a pilot.

    I Want to be a Pilot

    We will use real airplane headsets with speakers to talk to one another.

    We will take a photo wearing a pilot’s helmet.


    Flying in an airplane is a quick way of getting places.

    We’re Taking an Airplane Trip

    We will paint clouds with “cloud paint.”

    We will throw paper airplanes through a hula hoop.


    An airport is a place we go to use airplanes.


    We will make luggage tags and decorate our own luggage.


    Parachutes are used to jump safely out of airplanes.

    The Airplane Book

    We will drop small parachutes from a ladder

    We will play with a parachute.


    Airplanes can come in different shapes and sizes

    “Five Little Airplanes”

    We will play with different sizes and types of airplane shadow puppets

    Changes to the Environment

    Our dramatic play area will be an airplane with a real airplane control panel. In our art area we will decorate airplanes with crepe paper and glue our “pilot” photo onto our airplane. We will play with small toy airplanes in shaving cream. We will construct an airport with blocks. We will use droppers to color cotton balls for small motor play. Our large motor play will be wearing airplane wings and running on a runway.

    Special Notes