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  • Kate's Plans




    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    A circle is a shape that is round with no sides.

    Round is a Tortilla

    We will roll strips of paper into circles and put them inside a circle.

    We will make circle prints with a variety of circular items and paint.


    A square has 4 sides that are all the same.

    Perfect Square

    We will play a beanbag toss shape game.


    A triangle has 3 sides.


    We will graph some items in our environment by shape.


    A rectangle has 2 short sides and 2 long sides.

    Shapes Around Us

    We will do a snack shape matching game.


    A heart is a shape that can mean I love you!

    The Shape of my Heart

    We will do some special “heart” activities with Cindy’s group.

    Changes to the Environment

    The dramatic play area will be the house. Our art area will have a variety of shapes for cutting. We will have “salt boxes” for sensory play. We will use the magnatiles for construction. We will do some patterning with shapes for small motor exploration. We will play shape hopscotch for large motor play.