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    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Apples grow on trees.

    Apples Grow on Trees
    "Way Up High in the Apple Tree"

    We will cut open an apple and explore its parts inside and out.


    Apples can be many different colors, sizes and shapes.

    Apples for Everyone
    "Have You Ever Picked an Apple?"

    We will taste and graph our likes and dislikes of various red, yellow and green apples.


    We can make other foods from apples.

    I Am an Apple
    "Found an Apple"

    We will make easy blender applesauce and taste it! 


    Apples are harvested in the fall.

    Apple Farmer Annie
    "Five Red Apples"

    We will sort different colored apples into buckets.


    Apples grow from seeds into trees.

    "A Little Apple Seed"

    We will look at and discuss pictures of apples growing.  We will sequence the life cycle of an apple.

    Changes to the Environment

    Our dramatic play area will feature an apple stand with buckets, baskets, and bags to fill with apples and other fruits. For art we will color a page for a class apple book.  For sensory play we will use apple/cinnamon scented playdough with apple cookie cutters.  We will build with apple stacking cans in our construction area.  For small motor play we will pick felt apples from a velcro board apple tree.  We'll work our large muscles as we play "Here We Go 'Round the Apple Tree."

    Special Notes

    If anyone would like to bring something made with apples such as pie, muffins, apple butter, etc., we would love to taste it this week.