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  • Kim's plans




    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    A community is a place where people live and work together.

    My Tall Book of Happy Town
    "Do You Know What Job I Do?"

    We will look at pictures of community members at work and talk about their different jobs.


    Fire fighters keep us safe when there is a fire.

    Fire Drill
    "The Wheels on the Fire Truck"

    We will learn how to keep safe by practicing how to "stop, drop, and roll."  We will also make tracks with vehicles on paper.


    Community members work together to make our community function well.

    "Penelope the Police Officer"

    We will work together to make a community trail mix. We will also play a stop and go game to learn about safety.


    Store clerks help us purchase food at grocery stores

    At the Supermarket
    "Did you ever see?"

    We will experience a visit to a grocery store with a field trip to the Whitney store.


    Sanitation workers pick up our garbage and help keep our community clean.

    Trashy Town

    "The People in Your Neighborhood"

    We will pick up foam shape pieces and place them on an art display garbage truck.

    Changes to the Environment

    Our dramatic play area will feature a large cardboard bus to play in.  For art we will make fingerprint paintings.  For sensory play we will use playdough with some tools.  We will add cardboard box houses and community helpers to our block area for construction play.  For small motor play we will manipulate Cheerios and straws to practice problem solving and we will practice taking steps and walking on tape road lines for large motor play.

    Special Notes

    Please bring a small box of crackers, pretzels, dried fruit, or cereal to add to a trail mix on Wednesday.  No nuts please! We need all snacks to be in their original containers.