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  • Kim's plans




    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    Pumpkins start as seeds and grow into pumpkins.

    Pumpkin, Pumpkin
    "Five Little Pumpkins"

    We will be introduced to the life cycle of a pumpkin and try to put the different stages in order.


    Pumpkins can be decorated.  People often carve faces into pumpkins.

    It's Pumpkin Day Mouse!
    "Have You Ever Picked a Pumpkin?"

    We will cut open a pumpkin and explore its insides.  We will also choose an emotion and carve it on our pumpkin


    We can eat foods made from pumpkin.

    Pooh's Pumpkin Surprise
    "This is Pumpkin Happy"

    We will make and taste a no-bake pumpkin pie.


    Pumpkins and gourds can be different sizes, colors, and shapes.

    Plumply, Dumply   Pumpkin  

    "One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pumpkins"

    We'll compare sizes, shapes, and colors of pumpkins and gourds


    It's pajama day!  Wear your pj's!


    Grandpa and Grandma Pavela will join us for our pajama party at 9:30 a.m.  They're going to make rootbeer!  We will also join Dawn and Angela's groups for a short movie and a snack. We will make and taste a no-bake pumpkin pie.

    Changes to the Environment

    The dramatic play area will feature a pumpkin patch with pumpkins and gourds to dump and carry.  For art play we'll paint 3-D paper bag pumpkins.  For sensory play we will use pie pans and cookie cutters with pumpkin spice playdough.  We will use the alphabet blocks in our construction area.  For small motor play we'll manipulate sensory bags filled with pumpkin seeds and pulp and for large motor play we'll lift, roll and carry various sizes of pumpkins and gourds.

    Special Notes

    Thank you to everyone who has donated apples, pumpkins, gourds, or other goodies for our apples and pumpkins lessons. The children are loving all of our activities!