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  • Kim's plans




    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    There are many types of bears.  Some are real and some are not.


    “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”

    We will look at pictures of real bears and compare them with teddy bears.


    Bears are usually brown, black, or white.

    Corduroy’s Day
    “Five Little Bears”

    We will use brown shades of playdough with bear cookie cutters and colored bears.


    Bears can live in different parts of the world.

    Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
    “The Bear Went Over the Mountain”

    We will go on a hunt for bears today.


    Bears eat foods such as fish and berries.

    Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

    We will sort bears in the sensory table.


    Bears have fur on their bodies.

    Ten in the Bed
    “Mary Had a Little Bear”

    Bring your teddy bear or favorite stuffed animal…we will go on a teddy bear picnic today!

    Changes to the Environment

    Our dramatic play area will include a bear den with bears and bear food.  For art we will color a mountain shape for a class bear book.  For sensory play we will examine a variety of textures and patterns on sensory bears.  We will build with homemade blocks that have pictures of bears on them in our construction area.  For small motor play we will manipulate a bear and mountain scene on the flannel board.  We will dance to music with our bears for large motor play.

    Special Notes

    Please send a teddy bear or stuffed animal with your child on Friday, Feb. 21.