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  • Kim's plans




    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    On a farm you can find barns, animals, machinery, and fields.

    “Visiting the Farm”

    Old MacDonald had a Farm

    We will look at several farm photos and talk about the different things we see.


    Sheep are covered in soft wool.

    “Baa Baa Black Sheep”

    6 Sleepy Sheep

    Our group will stick cotton balls on a big sheep shape.


    Animals can be various colors.

    “Five Little Pigs”


    We will use plastic pigs to make tracks with mud colored paint.


    A dairy farm has cows which make milk.

    “I Went Walking”

    My Cow

    We will taste a variety of dairy products.


    Animals can make various sounds.

    “The Animals on the Farm”

    Noisy Farm

    We will use playdough and plastic farm animals.  We will listen to farm animal sounds on our iPad and guess which animal is making the sound.

    Changes to the Environment

    In the dramatic play area we will find a farm area with barns, animals, and machinery.  For art play we will use farm animal stampers.  For sensory play we will explore grain in the sensory table with scoopers, silos and animals.  We will add farm animals to our block area for construction play.  For small motor play we will categorize animals by types and by colors and for large motor play we’ll play a farm animal bean bag toss.

    Special Notes