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    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    The weather changes in spring.  We see many new sights.

    Welcome Spring
    "Two Little Blackbirds"

    We will feed the birds today and play an egg relay game using straws to roll plastic eggs.


    New plants begin to grow in the spring.

    A Tree Can Be…
    "It's Raining, It's Pouring"

    We will go on a buggy ride to look for signs of spring.  We will choose a tree to revisit from now until summer break.


    It often rains in the springtime.

    Rain Song
    "Willaby Wallaby Woo"

    We will color on paper and then paint over it with water colors.


    We see new baby animals in the spring.

    Countdown to Spring
     "Five Little Ducks"

    We will play a matching game, matching baby springtime animals to their mothers.


    Flowers and plants grow from seeds.

    First Day of Spring
    "Joe Has a Red Flower"

    We will plant seeds in dirt and use a spring flower box manipulative game.

    Changes to the Environment

    The dramatic play area will feature a pool of grass with plastic eggs and stuffed spring animals.  We'll find baskets for filling there too!  For art play we'll dip chalk into water and use it on paper.  For sensory play we will explore birdseed in the sensory table.  We will add the Mega blocks and wagons to our construction area.  For small motor play we'll work with a flower Velcro board and for large motor play we'll practice jumping and stepping on "puddles."

    Special Notes