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    Songs, Books, and Stories

    Special Activities


    There are many types of families.

    Our Global Community - Families

    "The Family on the Bus"

    We will look at and discuss pictures of various kinds of families.


    All families are unique and different.

    Peekaboo Morning

    "Where is Family"

    We will make a classroom quilt to represent our group as a special family.


    Many members can make up a family.

    The Family Book
    "Daddy is Special"

    Today we will look at photos of our families and graph the number of people in our families.


    Families enjoy doing many things together.

    One Hundred Is A Family

    " The More We Get Together "

    We will make some no-bake cookies for a cooking project today.


    Our families take care of us.

    Families Share

    "I Love You"

    We will explore a "Family Treasure Box" and examine and discuss items that families might use.

    Changes to the Environment

    We'll use the multigenerational and multicultural families in the Little People Doll Houses for dramatic play.  For art play we'll work together to make a collage using pictures of various multicultural and multigenerational families.  For sensory play we will listen to various sounds we might hear around our homes.  We'll build with cardboard brick blocks and try to make a house for construction play.  For small motor play we'll play box games, putting objects in and pulling them out. We will play a bowling game for large motor play.

    Special Notes