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  • Parent Post (newsletter)



    Parent Post April 2016

    Week of the Young Child Events

    Please join us for some of the following events as we celebrate the Week of the Young Child!

    • April 11-13: Campus Child Center Annual Art Show - REC Lobby
    • Tuesday, April 12: Annual Music Show - 11:00 a.m. in the Lobby of the REC
    • Wednesday, April 13: Encore Performance - same time, location, and songs as yesterday :)
    • Thursday, April 14:  Family Breakfast - serving from 7:30-9:00 a.m. at the Center 


    Exam Week – May Term – Fall Contracts


    • A contract for exam week, May term, and fall has been posted on your child’s locker
    • If you are not returning in the fall, but are with us yet this spring, this is still the form to use
    • Siblings may share a contract – I posted one per family


    Annual Meeting

    • Please join us for the Campus Child Center Annual Meeting
    • Noon to 1:00 p.m. on Friday, May 6th
    • Held at the center in our workroom
    • We will discuss the results of our annual evaluation and establish goals for the future



    Annual Evaluation Results



    • Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback during our annual evaluation process
    • We will use the information gathered from this feedback to spark the conversation at our Annual Program Meeting, which will be held on Friday, May 6th from Noon to 1:00 p.m.
    • And – here are the results:

     2015-16 program evaluation results:

    1.  The center staff maintains a safe and healthy environment that promotes my child's well-being.
                    Strongly Agree: 94%
                    Agree: 6%
                    Niether Agree nor Disagree: 0%
                    Disagree: 0%
                    Strongly Disagree: 0%

    2.  The sound of laughter is evident in the center.
                    Strongly Agree: 71%
                    Agree: 25%
                    Niether Agree nor Disagree: 4%
                    Disagree: 0%
                    Strongly Disagree: 0%

    3.  Communication between the center staff and my family is effective.
                    Strongly Agree: 58%
                    Agree: 40%
                    Niether Agree nor Disagree: 4%
                    Disagree: 2%
                    Strongly Disagree: 0%

    4.  Center staff offer a variety of activities that encourage my child to explore, discover, and solve problems.
                    Strongly Agree: 90%
                    Agree: 8%
                    Niether Agree nor Disagree: 2%
                    Disagree: 0%
                    Strongly Disagree: 0%

    5.  My child is provided time for creative expression.
                    Strongly Agree: 83%
                    Agree: 15%
                    Niether Agree nor Disagree: 2%
                    Disagree: 0%
                    Strongly Disagree: 0%

    6.  I am informed of center happenings and events and participate in them whenever possible.
                    Strongly Agree: 75%
                    Agree: 25%
                    Niether Agree nor Disagree: 0%
                    Disagree: 0%
                    Strongly Disagree: 0%

    7.  I feel welcome at the center at any time.
                    Strongly Agree: 83%
                    Agree: 15%
                    Niether Agree nor Disagree: 2%
                    Disagree: 0%
                    Strongly Disagree: 0%

    8.  Teaching staff keep me informed concerning my child's growth and development.
                    Strongly Agree: 48%
                    Agree: 46%
                    Niether Agree nor Disagree: 6%
                    Disagree: 0%
                    Strongly Disagree: 0%

    9.  My child trusts his/her teacher.

                    Strongly Agree: 92%
                    Agree: 6%
                    Niether Agree nor Disagree: 2%
                    Disagree: 0%
                    Strongly Disagree: 0%

    10.  I am comfortable sharing my ideas and/or concerns with program staff.
                    Strongly Agree: 71%
                    Agree: 27%
                    Niether Agree nor Disagree: 2%
                    Disagree: 0%
                    Strongly Disagree: 0%

    11.  The center staff informs me of services and/or resources available in our community related to young children and/or their families.
                    Strongly Agree: 33%
                    Agree: 54%
                    Niether Agree nor Disagree: 13%
                    Disagree: 0%
                    Strongly Disagree: 0%

    12.  My child's curiosity and desire to learn are supported and encouraged by center staff.
                    Strongly Agree: 87%
                    Agree: 11%
                    Niether Agree nor Disagree: 2%
                    Disagree: 0%
                    Strongly Disagree: 0%

    13.  Please add comments here for any item to which your response was "disagree" or "strongly disagree."

    -Dawn's group having note books makes it easy to be more connected. I believe this a great way to also know how the child is doing. I don't see that other groups do this so much.

    -None of those here.  :)

    -I would like to know more about what's happening in Kate's group, so that the daily note said something other than what's posted in the curriculum for that day. I would also like a poster board with student staff names, and I'd like them to wear name tags visible at all times. It bothers me that my son doesn't know the names of all his teachers. I also hope more field trips will be possible.

    -There are some weeks when I don't see my child's teacher at all as our schedules differ. Notebooks are helpful.


    14.  Center staff members support me in my role as parent.
                    Strongly Agree: 65%
                    Agree: 33%
                    Niether Agree nor Disagree: 2%
                    Disagree: 0%
                    Strongly Disagree: 0%


    15.  Please respond to the following phrase: Looking toward the future of Campus Child Center, I think...

    …the center is going to go through some changes and growth as a result of the Sue Wrobel's retirement.  However, with the dedicated staff and teachers, I believe that the transition will be smooth and the Center will continue to be a wonderful place for children to learn and grow.

    …I am lucky to have my child at the CCC.  We will miss Sue but know that she will leave the center in good hands.

    …the center provides a creative, loving, and safe environment from my son to learn and grow.  I hope a director is found that can continue to run the center as well as Sue.

    …Who will be the next director and how will the center change as a result? How can the center change for the better (not sure what this means or look like)?  I also think about having better/strong security. I am worried about the kids' safety.

    …Sue will be missed hugely. :(

    …I think the center is really a great place for children to learn and grow. One thing I wouldn't mind seeing is maybe more notice and explanation about activities.

    …things look good.

    …We will certainly miss Sue's leadership, but we are convinced that CCC will remain as excellent as it is.

    …it should continue its current curriculum to meet the multiple developmental needs of our children.

    …that the Center has a wonderful, positive history of educating young children! I will always be thankful that my child had the experience of learning here!

    …the Center will continue to be a great place for children to explore, learn, and grow.

    …Sue will be greatly missed, and difficult to replace.

    …I'll miss Sue!  I hope new teachers will be a good fit to the CCC family.  I hope they can find high quality high caliber teachers that will stay and grow with the kids over time and they can maintain consistency they always have.

    …Continuing a garden will be very important. Green space and watching growth are so healthy.

    …This place is awesome and you should keep up the great work

    …That Sue Wrobel will be sorely missed! We would love to see regular hours over breaks such as spring break.

    …We will miss Sue's leadership! I do hope that her good work will continue even after her retirement expansion is in order. There are a lot of faculty/students who are unable to obtain a spot for their children. I believe the Center should do its best to accommodate the entire campus. Related to that issue is summer availability. A number of 12-month employees have children, and must find care elsewhere during the summer months. It would be ideal to send the children to the campus center.

    …the Center should find a well seasoned Director to fill Sue's shoes when she retires. A hard act to follow! It will need someone hardy enough to stand up to the Administration here, and system-wide if need be, but soft enough to be kind, loving, and passionate about children.

    …it would be hugely beneficial to the campus community to expand the toddler room to serve more families.

    …my child will receive high quality care and key programming which helps with her development.

    ..the transition to having a new director will be crucial! Those are big shoes to fill and I hope the overall quality and atmosphere of the center do not change significantly!

    …it is a wonderful place and the only place I feel comfortable taking my child.

    …it would be good to reconsider school age care.

    …I hope the transition to new leadership is smooth and that its overall spirit, vision and direction will remain intact.

    …it will continue to be a welcoming and positive environment for children, parents and staff, yet, may be constrained because of state budget cuts.

    …that whoever takes over for Sue is going to have some big shoes to fill. :(  But yay retirement! :)

    …the price it costs to send my child to the CCC may be too expensive and I may have to look elsewhere for care.

    ...we will miss Sue very much.  She has created such an incredible environment and leads her team so effortlessly.  She is approachable and very present with the children, student staff and lead teachers.  …I am confident that the school will continue thrive because of her leadership and look forward to having our second child grow, learn and play at CCC.


    16.  Please add any additional comment you may have below.

    -Thank you for all that you do! We are very happy that our child is at the UWL child center.

    -I am glad that our child had the opportunity to spend two wonderful years at the Center.  I am only hoping that LaX school district can live up to the high expectations that the Center has made in our minds

    -Would it be possible to receive itemized bills each month instead of just the price we owe?  All other bills I receive in life are itemized.

    -I would also like to see the return of school age kids being able to come to the center on school days off.

    -All of the staff are wonderful teachers and people. Kids and parents are lucky to have them! A big thanks to Sue for leading the show for so many years, Kim, Dawn, Angela, Kate, and Cindy.

    -Thank you so much for everything that everyone does there to create such a fun place for our girls to learn and grow. They love it there!

    -I would appreciate if the staff would revisit the idea of having a more secure entrance (e.g., with a keypad passcode) to protect our children as much as possible.

    -Awesome place. Honored to be a part of your school. We will miss you when we go to kindergarten.

    -This is the easiest satisfaction survey to complete given my continuous high satisfaction with the CCC.

    -One thing that has been really lacking now that my son moved to Kate's and then Cindy's group, is the decrease in communication between teaching staff and myself as a parent. When I pick him up, it is often just the student staff, and no one updates me on the day. This is honestly disappointing, as I would really like to know more about how his day was, and can't always rely on a 4 year old for the full story :)   I wish there was another form of communication. I know Angela and Dawn used notebooks to jot down behaviors and activities of the day. I would like some record that communicates the social and emotional growth of my child at the center. This would be a helpful tool!

    -I greatly appreciate the center staff members and teachers taking the children to play outside on a regular basis, even in the cold and snow!

    -I couldn't be happier with the care my child receives at the UWL Childcare center!

    -Any chance for plants or fish inside? Thanks for your tremendous work, Sue!

    -My kids are very happy here

    -We're beyond pleased with the center, they have met our needs well and we appreciate the cheerful learning environment and wonderfully dedicated staff.

    -A true test of the quality care and communication of the Center came last semester with the bomb scare (false alarm, thankfully!).   It's easy to say that all is great when everything is going well, but when difficult situations arise, how those are dealt with speaks volumes. This situation was handled so well, from keeping the kids calm and safe to keeping parents well informed.  Everyone and everything about the Campus Childcare Center is wonderful and far exceeds expectations. Thank you for all you do for my children to help them grow into awesome little people. I wish you did Kindergarten at the Center too, because I don't think I will be ready for my kids to leave when that time comes.

    -We have always advocated for summer care. My feeling from talking to parents who currently utilize the Center and community members looking for alternatives, is that summer care is a true need. Unfortunately I think the surveys have only been sent to families currently enrolled. If it went to a broader pool, say, campus wide--there might be a more realistic response. I understand the issues of finding child care workers, but I believe students would be willing to continue their service over summer. It's a true hardship to try to find affordable, QUALITY care for 3 months.  That said, we adore the Center, the teachers, and the students. Keep up the fantastic work! You are all dedicated and it shows in the happiness on my child's face each day. She has never once said "I don't want to go." She looks forward to the fun activities and is excited to show me what they are learning. I would like to see more art incorporated into the curriculum, if possible.

    -The Campus Child Center is a wonderful place and the only place I feel comfortable taking my child. The teachers and staff are so loving and welcoming. I know my child is cared for, loved and is learning each and every day. I can't say enough about how appreciative I am of the care they all provide.

    -I understand why it is necessary for parents to pack lunches for children (saves money for center) yet, I really like my kids trying new and different foods and trying them without Mom and Dad watching and encouraging them.  I wish there would be a way where there could be a hot lunch program a few days a week at the center which parents could sign their kids up for and pay extra for.  Has this been considered?  Just an idea:-)

    -Parking for pick up/drop off is obviously inadequate for peak times. An immediate remedy might be a parking permit that allows access to the parking lot across the street.  A bike rack in front of the center would be really wonderful and very helpful.

    -Teachers are great!