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    Parent Post February 2016


    Welcome Back! 

    • We are excited to start the spring semester and hope that you are too!
    • Things are "hopping" here...we have a full crew of children and 55 student staff members (18 of whom are new).

    Outdoor Clothing

    • Please, please, please label your child's boots and mittens...we put 120 boots on 120 feet yesterday and we sure hope we matched them up correctly.
    • We enjoy the snow and often get our mittens wet in the morning - an extra set for the afternoon is very much appreciated.

    Annual Tax Summary

    • A summary of payments made during the 2015 calendar year is available to you for tax purposes.
    • Just stop in the office or send me an email and I'll get it to you.

    Summer Care

    • As mentioned in a previous email - we will not be completing a survey concerning summer care since our roof is being replaced this summer and we won't have access to our playground.
    • I am considering a "meet and greet" evening so that families who need summer care can meet with students who are willing to help in this manner...more details at a later date.

    Parking in the Drop-Off Area

    • We have a curbside drop-off/pick-up area just north of the center for your use.
    • This area requires a permit that is placed on your dashboard - please let me know if you need a permit.