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  • Parent Post (newsletter)

    Parent Post May 2016


    Annual Meeting Notes

    Below you will find the minutes from our Annual Meeting  held on Friday, May 6.

    Attending: Chris Stindt, Liam Moran, Yan Qu, Bill Schwan, Kate Ottow, and Sue Wrobel.

    The meeting began with introductions and a review of the goals established last year:

    • Work to help parents and student workers recognize and know each other.  We added a fall pizza party for our staff and families to our list of center events and found that some introductions were made that evening.  We occasionally give the tags to our student staff in the early morning and late afternoon hours so that they need to connect with our parents.  This is still a work in progress.
    • Check into placing a door bell with signage in the front entry for those seeking access into the center.  A new card swipe system is being installed campus-wide and the doorbell project did not get completed this year. 
    • Enhance the use of technology as a tool of communication.  We have found email messages to be an effective tool for communication.  Our website remains up-to-date and filled with important information that can be accessed at any time.  We occasionally communicate via text messages also. 
    • Publish one of the past parenting series.  A new parenting series was published and seemed well-received.
    • Complete the doorbell project in the front entry.  Not completed.

    We discussed the results of the annual evaluation.  The following comments were made: 

    • The feedback received in the program evaluation indicates a strong satisfaction with the program. 
    • There remains a desire to get to know the student staff better and mostly a need to place a name to a face. 
    • The communication style is different in Kate and Cindy’s groups than in Kim, Dawn, and Angela’s.  We should work to make sure that although the amount of written communication will be less, there will still be effective communication with the families of our older children. 

    Additional topics discussed: 

    • The parenting series was appreciated and should be continued if time allows.
    • Consider placing our student employees’ pictures on our website under “Our People” so that our parents can put a name to a face.
    • In the fall do an “FYI – Tips” that include reminders for our parents that the answer to many questions can be found on our website, to take screen shots of the information/signs posted in our entry, to pull as far forward as possible in our parking area, and that the communication style in Kate and Cindy’s groups is different than in Kim, Dawn, and Angela’s groups.
    • Consider having drop-off places for completed paperwork.

    Based on the annual report and the ideas discussed at the annual meeting, the group established the following goals for next year:

    • Continue the fall pizza party and have our students introduce themselves at this event.
    • Help acclimate the new director to the center.
    • Consider placing the students’ pictures on our website. 

    Submitted by,

    Kate Ottow



    Exam Week – May Term – Fall Contracts


    • A very special thank you to all of you…all contracts were in to me by April 27th…that’s a record! 


    Campus Child Center Facebook Page

    • The CCC Facebook Page is established for our staff and parents to share information and ideas useful as we care for, parent, and educate our children
    • Since it’s for current parents and staff, that means that we will need to say “goodbye” to those of you who will no longer be associated with the center…and sadly, this time around, that includes me!


    FREE Parenting Program: Parents Raising Resilient Children


    • Sponsored by Gundersen Health and held this summer
    • Eight parenting sessions with child and family therapist Jeff Reiland
    • No cost to parents
    • Equips parents with effective strategies for raising healthy and resilient children
    • You are welcome to attend the sessions you can – attendance is flexible, not mandatory
    • Supervised child care for children ages 3-10 available at same location and at no cost
    • All eight sessions will be repeated twice in the fall, so if you miss a few, you can catch up later
    • More information on our front counter


    End of the Year Picnic


    • Thursday, June 2 from noon to 1:00 in our garden area
    • Sign-up sheets are located on the front counter
    • Your child does not need to be officially in attendance that day for you to join us, this is for everyone!