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    Parent Post September 2014 Edition



    Welcome Back!

    It's exciting to be back!  It's great to see familiar faces and to meet our new families.  We hope you had a relaxing summer and are enjoying a great start to your fall semester.

    Creating Partnerships

    We very much enjoy our work at the center.  It is extremely rewarding to work with your children and to get to know the very important people in their lives - you, their parents!  The work we do is important and gratifying.  It can also be exhausting.  Creating partnerships with you makes this all so much easier.  We both have obligations in this partnership.  Our obligation is to provide excellent care and education for your child(ren), to follow licensing and accreditation standards and regulations, to listen to your questions and concerns, respect you and your family, give you support in your role as parent, and  provide you information in a timely manner concerning our program.  Your obligation is to hold us to high standards, keep us informed of your child's needs, and to stay informed.  Lines of communication are essential in building this partnership.  And this newsletter is one of the ways in which to stay connected.  The information in it is important.   We appreciate it when parents take the time to read it and to absorb its content and information.

    Important Reminders

    Of course the beginning of the year always brings the litany of reminders.  But they are extremely important, so please read through them.

    • If your child is going to be absent or arriving late, please call the center at 785-8813 to let us know.  State law requires that we call you if you don't inform us. 
    • Tree nuts, peanuts, large pretzels, and popcorn are viewed as choking hazards for young children.  Our accreditation standards ask that they not be included in a child's meal.  Other choking hazards include cherry tomatoes, grapes, and hot dogs.  They may be included in your child's lunch, but please cut cherry tomatoes and grapes in half and hot dogs lengthwise when included. 
    • Our daily sign-in sheet is on the front counter.  Please always sign in when you arrive and out when you pick up your child for the day.
    • Communication is essential.  This first round of messages will be lengthy.  But after this, I try to be concise and condensed so that I'm not bombarding you.  We use this newsletter, email messages, signs in the door, signs on the front counter, and flyers on your child's locker to keep you informed.  This is important!  Please help us out by keeping informed.
    • Birthdays are sweet.  Sometimes they are really sweet!  Our children really like the looks of those great big, frosting-heaped cupcakes.  But guess what?  The cupcakes often go to waste.  From what we've noticed, our children really, really like the small mini-cupcakes and/or muffins.  They also like small cookies.  These items complement our children's stomach capacities much better.  If you are bringing a birthday treat to celebrate your child's birthday, small  in serving-size and sugar-content is really ideal.
    • Please make sure that your child washes his/her hands upon arrival at the center.  Thanks for helping us with this!
    • As you know, our doors are magnetized and require your touch on the metal pad for releasing the mechanism.  When our children (or adults, for that matter…) push on the buttons for handicap access, the doors are asked to work when they are not really able to.  We've changed the hydraulic fluid once at a very high cost to us.  Those who need the handicap-access button have a special opener for the door.  Let's allow them to use their opener and the rest of us can use our muscles to open the doors.
    • We have parking passes that when placed on your dashboard, allow you to park in our drop-off and pick-up area for about 20 minutes while coming and going with your child.  Please ask one of the teachers or me (Sue) for a pass if you need one.
    • You will find your child's blanket and pillowcase tucked into his/her locker at the end of the school week.  Please take these items home and launder before returning them to school.
    • Please label your child's lunchbox with his/her name in bold letters - this is most appreciated.  (And it's also a licensing regulation!)
    • Label, label, label!  We can keep better track of your child's belongings if his/her name is found somewhere on them.  This is especially important during the winter months when all of the boots, hats, and mittens look the same!
    • You will find our "Yearly Calendar" on our website.  There are some event listings already there - take a peek to see some fun events that are scheduled for the year!
    • Birthdays…they are so special that they get double-billing in this section!  We have a birthday invitation protocol that we follow.  You will find it in our Parent Handbook (also on our website), but it is also included here for your reference:  we find it extremely difficult to be the liaison between families when inviting friends to birthday parties.  If you choose to host a birthday party for your child we can help you prepare a small guest list.  Knowing and understanding the developmental needs and abilities of very young children, our staff still strongly supports the conventional wisdom of inviting the same number of children as the age of the child being honored.  Please place invitations in pre-stamped envelopes which we will address and drop into the mail.  We refrain from placing invitations on lockers.  Our Center has several large rooms where most lockers are visible to all children.  When invitations are hanging on only certain lockers, feelings are easily hurt.

    Confidentiality and Social Media

    Each of the staff members at Campus Child Center adheres to the National Association for the Education of Young Children's Ethical Code of Conduct.  This code of conduct reminds us that our children, their families, and our colleagues have the right of confidentiality.  We have become increasingly aware of the use of social media and its implications for our children.  The right of confidentiality really should extend to social media.  With the exception of the ways listed below, our staff members will not post images of your children on social media.  We respectfully ask our families to follow this protocol also.

    Exceptions for Posting:

    • Our parents and staff members may share digital images with each other via email
    • Our parents and staff members may post images on the Campus Child Center Facebook page (which is for members only)
    • Our staff members may post select images on the Campus Child Center website.  When posting images on our website, I will work to capture images that are not facial in nature, but instead will show children from afar or from back or side views.

    Images taken by you and including only your child  involved in Campus Child Center events may be posted by you on social media.   Please refrain from posting images including other children on any form of social media.

    Annual Children's Oktoberfest Parade

    On Thursday, September 25th at 9:15 a.m., find yourself a great spot along our parade route - which is the area between Wittich Hall and Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center - for a real treat!  Our Children's Oktoberfest Parade is coming your way!  We hope that you wait for us there - it's not much of a parade if we can't walk past you.  You are very welcome to walk back to the center with us and join us for some singing and dancing with George, the Official Oktoberfest Accordion Player!

    Family Potluck Supper

    We will hold a "Get Acquainted and Re-acquainted" Potluck Supper on Monday, October 6 th , here at the center from 6-7 p.m.  Please bring your family and a dish to pass!  We'll supply the milk, plates, bowls, cups, etc.  It's a great time to meet and greet other families and our staff.

    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held during the weeks of October 20 th  and October 27 th .  More information will be coming your way in early October.  If you need uninterrupted time to chat with one of us before conferences, please just ask!

    Car Seat Safety

    Victor Hill, from Parking Services, is working with us to provide car seat inspections.  He is a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and is willing and able to do car seat safety checks for you and your child(ren).  He will make sure you have the correct car seat for your child's age/weight and that you have it installed and are using it correctly.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, please call 608-785-8061 to make an appointment with him.