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    Parent Post October 2014 Edition

    Exam Week, January Term, and Spring Semester Sign-Up Information

    For those of you who have previously used the center, you probably remember that your contract for care ends on the last class day of the fall semester and that we re-enroll for care for the spring semester.  You also know that care provided during exam week and the January term is a part of a “special sign-up” and that if you do not need care during those times you simply don’t sign up in those areas – we won’t expect your child and you will not be billed. In the past we used two processes for this: exam week sign-up was on the front counter and spring and January term was a part of a contract that was placed on your child’s locker.  I hope to try something new: in early November I will post on your child’s locker a form that includes all three – exam week in December, January 2015 term, and the spring 2015 contract.  You will have the opportunity to do all of your upcoming scheduling in one fell swoop.  Hopefully this will make sense and be easier for everyone.  And for those of you who are new to the center, welcome to this new adventure in scheduling!

    Please note on the new form the hours of operation for the three sessions: during January term we will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  During exam week and spring semester we will follow our regular schedule of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

    This is all very new – please see Sue with any questions you may have concerning it.  

    Lunch News

    Please consider eliminating a fruit selection from the lunch meal you pack for your child.  We serve fruit at lunch and are required to present to the children a specified amount.  Many of our children come with fruit in their lunches and because it is packed, they often feel that they should eat it.  This leaves little room in their tummies for the fruit we serve.  Sometimes they eat our fruit first and then dip into theirs and again, by this time they are already feeling full.  The short version is: we are wasting a lot of fruit – both from home and served by the center.  If you and your child are satisfied with the fruit we serve, there is no need to send any from home.

    And...just a reminder: tree nuts, peanuts, large pretzels, and popcorn are viewed as choking hazards for young children.  Our accreditation standards ask that they not be included in a child's meal.  Other choking hazards include cherry tomatoes, grapes, and hot dogs.  They may be included in your child's lunch, but please cut cherry tomatoes and grapes in half and hot dogs lengthwise when included. 

    Important Reminders

    We posted a lengthy list of reminders in the Parent Post last month.  Some need a gentle repeating!

    • As you know, our doors are magnetized and require your touch on the metal pad for releasing the mechanism.  When our children (or adults, for that matter…) push on the buttons for handicap access, the doors are asked to work when they are not really able to.  We've changed the hydraulic fluid once at a very high cost to us.  Those who need the handicap-access button have a special opener for the door.  Let's allow them to use their opener and the rest of us can use our muscles to open the doors.
    • You will find your child's blanket and pillowcase tucked into his/her locker at the end of the school week.  Please take these items home and launder before returning them to school
    • Label, label, label!  We can keep better track of your child's belongings if his/her name is found somewhere on them.  This is especially important during the winter months when all of the boots, hats, and mittens look the same!

    Initial Summer Survey

    A few of our parents have suggested that we put out a summer care survey during the fall of the year.  We will post surveys on the children’s locker later this week.  This is a preliminary survey – another will follow in the spring.  Please take a moment to complete the survey and return by the October 29th due date.

    Annual Children's Oktoberfest Parade

    It was another fun parade..thanks for joining us!

    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held during the weeks of October 20 th  and October 27 th .  More information will be coming your way in early October.  If you need uninterrupted time to chat with one of us before conferences, please just ask!

    Car Seat Safety

    Victor Hill, from Parking Services, is working with us to provide car seat inspections.  He is a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and is willing and able to do car seat safety checks for you and your child(ren).  He will make sure you have the correct car seat for your child's age/weight and that you have it installed and are using it correctly.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, please call 608-785-8061 to make an appointment with him.