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     spring flowers

    Parent Post MAY 2015 Edition

    Garden News

    It's time to think about our school garden!  For those of you new to our center, we have a school garden that our children and their families plant and maintain throughout the summer.  We reap lots of good fruits and vegetables along the way!  In a few short weeks, you will once again find a  donation-request area at the front counter for seeds and plants for our school garden.

    And since the work is more fun when we do it together, we have a few gardening dates for you to place into your calendar:

    • Saturday, May 30th from 9:00-10:30 a.m. - Garden Planting Day!  Please consider joining us as lots of hands will make the job go well!
    • Sunday, May 31st from 3:30-5:00 p.m. - Garden Planting Rain-date - only in the event that we are rained-out on Saturday.
    Once the garden is planted we have to maintain it!  Our Summer Garden Days are:
    • Mondays from 4:30-5:30 p.m.
    • Thursdays from 9:30-10:30 a.m.
    Our Summer Garden Days begin on Monday, June 8th.  Please consider popping in on a Monday or Thursday during the summer to lend a hand in the garden.  

    Thank You!

    As we near the end of another school year, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for the generous support and encouragement you provide us.  We enjoy our work with your children and the times we get to chat with and laugh with you.  We appreciate your feedback, questions, and concerns and the many times you have fulfilled a request for a signature or paperwork or something on the "mundane" side!  We always feel a sense of pride on the many occasions you have respected our work and efforts - and for that, we are especially thankful.   You are a great bunch!

    End of the Year Picnic

    We will host our annual end-of-the-year picnic on Thursday, June 4th from noon until 1:00.  On the front counter you will find two sign-up sheets:  one for attending the picnic and one for offering to bring food.  We will supply sandwiches and milk for the meal, but are in need of a few items to complete the meal.  Your child does not need to be in attendance for the day for you to join us...any of our families are welcome!

    Annual Meeting

    Below you will find the minutes from our annual meeting held on May 8, 2015.


    Annual Meeting Minutes
    May 8, 2015


    Attending: Chris Stindt, Erin Belby, Liam Moran, Jason Clark, Kate Ottow, and Sue Wrobel.

    The meeting began with introductions and a review of the goals established last year:

    Add one additional family event to the fall semester schedule.  We actually added the additional family event to the spring semester instead when we hosted our “Soup and Sandwich Supper.”  We held a potluck supper in the fall and the Week of the Young Child events (art show, family breakfast, music show) in the spring.  The parents attending the annual meeting agreed that this is a sufficient number of family events and that one event per semester suffices as well.

    Check into placing a door bell with signage in the front entry for those seeking access into the center. Due to a number of items that needed fixing or maintenance, this did not get completed this year.

    We discussed the results of the annual evaluation.  The following comments were made: 

    The feedback received in the program evaluation indicates a strong satisfaction with the program.  The work the teachers do, including the curriculum that is designed and delivered to the children, is exceptional and appreciated. 

    Open and effective communication is essential.  The recent swing to more email notices/flyers rather than paper flyers is working well and parents find that the information is more “searchable” in email form.  Several ideas concerning the use of technology as a communication tool were discussed.  Parents feel that the teachers and director are approachable when questions and/or concerns arise. 

    There is a desire to get to know the student staff better. 

    We discussed the series of articles for parents on the social growth and development of young children that was written and distributed two years ago.  Sue reported that although she has done parent education series in the past, time proved to be a constraint this year.  The child center staff is also unsure as to whether the information series is read, enjoyed, appreciated, and/or used.

    Additional topics discussed: 

    Our parents find the center to be a very welcoming place.  They find great support in each other.

    It’s nice to see kids on campus!

    Consider a “meet and greet” time in January or early February for parents who need summer care to meet students who wish to provide summer care.

    Based on the annual report and the ideas discussed at the annual meeting, the group established the following four goals for next year:

    Work to help parents and student workers recognize and know each other.

    Enhance the use of technology as a tool of communication.  Ideas include: add pages to the website for recent event flyers, requests by group, recent news, student teacher introductions, and any of the parenting tips typically supplied by the teachers in paper form. 

    Publish one of the past parenting series. 

    Complete the doorbell project at the front entry.

    Submitted by,


    Kate Ottow