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    Parent Post September 2015


    Picky, But Important!

    As you know, we are a highly regulated entity and because of that, we have a long list of what may seem to be “picky” and somewhat annoying requests.  We work exceedingly hard to meet all of the rules and regulations established for the care of your children, so these requests are truly important.  Your willingness to read through this list and to follow these protocols is appreciated more than you could possibly know.  Here goes:

    • When you arrive, please sign the time of arrival on the sign-up sheet on the front counter.  When you depart for the day, please sign the time of departure and add your signature as you leave for the day.
    • If your child is going to be late or absent, please call the center to let us know.
    • Due to choking hazards, please refrain from sending popcorn, tree nuts, peanuts, or large pretzels in your child’s lunch.  And (also due to choking hazards) please cut cherry tomatoes and grapes in half and slice hot dogs length-wise.
    • Please wash your child’s hands upon arrival.
    • Our doors are magnetized shut.  When you or your child pushes the handicap-access button, it makes the door work exceptionally hard – it’s trying to do something it can’t do.   Instead of harming the mechanisms for our doors, let’s just use our muscles to open the doors. 
    • Please make sure that your child’s name appears on the outside of his/her lunchbox.
    • Blankets and/or pillowcases placed in or on the lockers toward the end of the week = take me home and wash me, please!  We will launder the cot sheets on a weekly basis.
    • We have a birthday party invitation protocol that we follow.  It works as follows: please provide pre-stamped envelopes (with the invitations inside) and a list of children to invite to me or your child’s teacher.  We will address the envelopes and drop them into the mail.  We strongly suggest a small group of children for a child’s party and this allows you to make those invitation requests and to keep the group small without broadcasting the guest list to the entire group.
    • For your child’s safety, we appreciate it when children wear closed-toe shoes.  An “athletic-type” of shoe (often referred to as tennies or sneakers) are perfect for our setting. 

    Parking Permits

    • Available for the drop-off/pick-up area right outside of our building.  
    • Place on your dashboard for permission to park for 20 minutes as you drop-off or pick-up your child. 
    • For use only in our drop-off area. 
    • One of us will be happy to grab a permit for you – just ask.

    Oktoberfest Parade

    • One of our favorite annual events!
    • Thursday, October 1st at 9:15 a.m.
    • Between Wittich Hall and MVAC.
    • Please meet us there – please let us walk to you…it makes it more “parade-like.”
    • Accordion George and plenty of fest royalty will join us at the center for singing and dancing after the parade – you are welcome too!

    A Big Thank You!

    • For completing and delivering to us all of the forms associated with regulated child care…never fun for any of us.
    • For trusting us – we know it’s hard to walk out of those doors when your child is unhappy…it always gets better.
    • For including fruit in your child’s lunch this year.
    • For acknowledging and introducing yourself to our student staff.
    • To those of you who helped us garden throughout the summer months.
    • For the recent donations of needed supplies!

    Getting the Word Out

    As you know, we are trying to use less paper and more technology to inform you of upcoming events.  Look for information to arrive:

    • Via email
    • In this newsletter
    • On our website under “Calendar”
    • Posted in the window of our entry doors
    • Displayed on the counter in the entry area

    Diapers Available

    The Parenting Place has diapers available for families who are having a difficult time making ends meet. 

    • Call 784-8125 for more information

    Facebook Site

    Campus Child Center has a Facebook site that you may be interested in checking out.

    • This group is for parents of children that attend the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Campus Child Center.
    • The group is closed - anyone on Facebook can see the group and who is in it, but only members of the group can see and read posts.
    • Posts to this group should be focused on child-friendly community events, parenting Q&As, resources, or other announcements.  It is not intended as a means of personal communication with your child’s teacher and all posts should be respectful and professional.
    • Photos are allowed and encouraged but before joining the group realize it is possible for posts to include tagged pictures of you/your children.
    • Please direct any questions about this page to Sue Wrobel.
    • Take a peek on Facebook at UW-L Campus Child Center Parents and ask to join, if you’d like.