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    Coop Internship Module Faculty Instructions

    The staff of Cooperative Education and Internship Program is implementing an online authorization process for faculty advisor and department chair approval of internship credit. In the new process, internship faculty advisors and department chairs will receive an email notification when a student is seeking approval of an internship for credit. This email will contain a link to information (similar to the old Credit Approval Form) about the student’s internship credit request. Faculty advisors and department chairs will approve these requests online, without printed forms. This new process will provide more timely information to faculty that can be accessed anywhere there is email access, will reduce the need for students to run from office to office on campus to hand-carry paperwork and will dramatically reduce the amount of paper used. As part of this new process, beginning with summer 2013 interns, employer evaluations will also be shared with faculty online, through a link delivered via email.

    New Credit Approval Process
    A student seeking credit for an internship will visit Career Services to initiate the credit approval process. After providing Career Services with information about the internship, the faculty advisor specified by the student will receive an email from “UWL Career Services” with the subject line “Co-op/Internship approval required”. See first image below for an example of how the email will look in your campus email inbox.


    The email will be brief (see below), containing the name of the student, the name of the internship employer, a deadline for acting on the internship approval and a link to click on to approve the internship.

    Sample Email
    Clicking on the link will open a browser window with information about the internship that is similar to the old Credit Approval Form, including information about the student’s academic standing, the internship site and internship credit information. The faculty advisor approves the internship credit by confirming the information, providing an e-signature and clicking an approval button. See the image below for a look at the part of the online credit approval information where advisors will fill in information, initial and submit the online form. Faculty advisors should feel free to communicate directly with students regarding additional assignments for the internship. Online approval of the internship by the faculty advisor automatically triggers an email to the appropriate department chairperson. The department chair reviews the online credit approval form, provides an e-signature and clicks an approval button to submit the information back to Career Services.

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