UW-L Career ServicesResume Examples

The resumes below were originally created in MS Word and then converted to .pdf files.  Some of the samples were developed using tables for easier formatting -particularly resumes with the headings in the left margin.  Resumes written in a table should have the "borders and shading" option set to "none" so that the gridlines do not print. To get more format and content ideas, look at several samples--not just your major!

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Accountancy - Intern, Senior
Archeology - Senior, Senior2
Art - Intern, Senior
Athletic Training - Senior
Biology - Intern, Senior, Pharmaceutical Sales
Chemistry - Intern, Senior
Communications Studies - Intern/Advocacy, Intern/Media, Senior/PR, Senior/Interpersonal, Senior/Prof&Org
Community Health Ed. - CHE1, CHE2, CHE3
Computer Science - Intern, Senior
Criminal Justice - Intern, Senior
CYC - Intern
Economics - Intern, Senior
Education - Elem Ed1, Elem Ed2, Sec Ed1, Sec Ed2
Education/STEP Applicants - STEP1, STEP2
English - Intern, Senior
Finance - Intern, Senior, Banking Senior, Claims Trainee Senior, Financial Planning Intern, Financial Planning Senior
Fitness -  Fitness1, Fitness2, Fitness3
Geography - Intern, Senior
History - Intern, Senior, Senior2
Information Systems - Intern, Senior
International Students - Intern & Practical Training #1, #2, #3
Management - Senior for Production Management; Human Resources Intern, Human Resources Senior; International Business - Intern, Senior
MBA - Limited Experience, Limited Experience2, Experienced

Marketing - Intern, Intern2, Senior, Corporate Marketing Intern, Corporate Marketing Senior, Ad Agency Intern, Ad Agency Senior, Event Planning Intern, Event Planning Senior, Market Research Intern, Market Research Senior, Nonprofit Marketing Intern, Nonprofit Marketing Senior, Senior for Retail, Senior for Sales, Sport Marketing Intern, Sport Marketing Senior
Math - Senior
Microbiology - Intern, Senior, Senior2
Modern Languages - Spanish Intern, French Senior, German Senior
Music - Intern, Senior, Senior2
Nuclear Medicine Technology - Senior
Occupational Therapy -  OT1, OT2, OT3, OT4
Physical Education - Senior
Physical Therapy - PT1, PT2
Physician Assistant Studies - Preclinical, Clinical/Grad
Physics/Engineering Dual Degree - Intern
Pol. Sci/Pub Adm - Intern, Senior, Senior, PA Intern, PA Senior
Psychology - Senior, Senior2
Radiation Therapy - RT1, RT2
Recreation Mgt. - RecMgt1, RecMgt2, RecMgt3
Recreation Therapy - Intern, Senior, Senior2
Sociology - Intern, Intern2, Senior1, Senior2,
Sport Administration Masters - Grad1, Grad2
Sport Management - SprtMgt1, SprtMgt2
Student Affairs Administration - SAA1, SSA2

Sample Scannable/Plain Text Resume - also suitable for pasting into employer website